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Ready to Nail Your Wedding Planning? Our step-by-step Wedding Planning pipeline is here for you.

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

What is a wedding pipeline?

It's the strategic roadmap that outlines the sequence of tasks to be accomplished at each stage of your wedding planning journey. Having a well-structured wedding timeline can be incredibly helpful in keeping you organized and on track throughout the process. With so much to accomplish, breaking down your wedding planning checklist into monthly milestones makes the entire journey much more manageable and less overwhelming. From selecting the perfect venue to finalizing the guest list, each step becomes a milestone towards your dream wedding day. So let us help you to design the one for your wedding planning.

But, my dear bride and groom, before you dive into booking any venue and vendors, consider the following aspects:

Write Your Ideal Guest List:

Determine the number of guests you want to invite and set a budget per head. Consider who you can't imagine celebrating without and use our guide to help you narrow down the list.

Decide Your Budget:

Plan your wedding budget and know how much you can afford. Be clear about contributions from family members and set up a shared spreadsheet to track expenses.

Discuss the Vision:

Choose a wedding theme and color scheme that represents you as a couple. Get creative with a mood board and draw inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, wedding trends, and real weddings.

Start Sending Venue Enquiries:

Reach out to wedding venues that catch your eye and gather quotes to assess what aligns with your vision and budget.

Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner:

Evaluate your free time, resources, experience, and expertise to decide whether you'll handle the planning yourself or enlist the help of a professional wedding planner.

So now without further due we are moving towards the monthly wedding planning pipeline.

12 Months Out Wedding Checklist

  • Choose the Wedding Celebration Date and Format:

Decide on your wedding date and format, and arrange all necessary paperwork for the official registration. Inform family and friends about the exciting news.

  • Create a Wedding Planner Organizer:

Prepare worksheets, checklists, a pipeline, and a folder for inspiration to keep all your wedding planning organized and on track.

  • List Preferred Wedding Vendors:

Compile a list of wedding vendors you'd like to have on your big day, including photographers, florists, caterers, and more (not necessary to be particular vendors but just a listing).

  • Book a Wedding Venue:

Selecting your wedding venue is a crucial decision. Act quickly as popular venues get booked up well in advance. Hire a wedding planner to assist with finding the perfect venue. Or booking yourself use our Venue questionnaire to figure out all pros and cons and hidden pitfalls.

  • Finalize Your Guest List:

After securing your wedding venue, confirm your guest list, considering both daytime and evening guests.

  • Register Your Intention to Marry:

Book a meeting with your registrar office and register for ROM. Complete the necessary paperwork and return the ceremony details in due time.

10 - 11 Months Out Wedding Checklist

  • Define Your Wedding Concept and Design:

Before booking any vendors, establish your wedding concept and design to set the mood, ambiance, and aesthetic. Hire vendors that complement and support your overall concept, ensuring a cohesive and beautiful celebration.

You may hire us for your wedding styling and decoration via filling in the form.

  • Book Your Wedding Photographer & Videographer:

Secure your wedding photographers and videographers early on, as they are in high demand and get booked quickly. They play a vital role in capturing precious moments that will become cherished memories of your special day. In Malaysia, it's especially crucial to book photography and videography services as early as possible, as top professionals are often reserved up to a year in advance.

  • Book Your Catering Service:

If your chosen wedding venue doesn't provide catering, consider hiring external caterers. Decide on the style of wedding breakfast you desire, whether it's a BBQ, hog roast, or unique sharing platters. In Malaysia, quality catering services may be limited, so it's essential to secure a reputable caterer as early as possible to ensure a delightful dining experience for your guests.

8 - 9 Months Out Wedding Checklist

  • Inform Guests and Send Invitations:

Now is the time to focus on informing your guests and sending out invitations. Consider creating a wedding website or RSVP landing page to streamline guest communication. You may also choose to send out "Save the Date" cards to give your loved ones a heads-up on your special day.

  • Refine Your Wedding Concept and Styling:

Continuing to develop your wedding concept and styling is crucial during this stage. Determine what decor you'll need to hire, rent, or create to bring your vision to life. Consider the scale of floral styling required to adorn your venue with elegance and beauty.

  • Finalize Contracts with Other Wedding Vendors:

Continue meeting with and interviewing potential wedding vendors. Once you've found the perfect fit for your big day, finalize contracts to secure their services. This includes vendors such as musicians, entertainment, transportation, and any other professionals you wish to include in your wedding celebration.

6 - 7 Months Out Wedding Checklist

  • Send Out Your Wedding Invitations:

With your wedding details decided and the big day getting closer, it's time to order your wedding stationery and invitations. Choose from a wonderful selection of wedding invitation designs and customize them with templates for your invitation wording. Remember, stationery also includes orders of service, place cards, wedding signs, and menus, which can be ordered at a later date.

  • Assign Your Wedding Roles:

Make your wedding planning even more exciting by choosing and proposing to your wedding party. Assign roles like the best man, maid of honour, ushers, and bridesmaids thoughtfully. Opt for those who will be the most helpful and supportive. You can also consider alternative roles like bridesmates, men of honour, or flower boys if it feels right for you.

5 - 6 Months Out Wedding Checklist

  • Go Wedding Dress or Suit Shopping:

For wedding dresses, it's essential to start shopping between six and 12 months before the wedding to allow enough time for ordering, alterations, and potential production delays. Wedding suits can be ordered and made more quickly, typically between eight and six months before the wedding. Consider the lead time required for wedding dresses versus suits to prioritize your outfit shopping.

  • Confirm Essential Vendors:

Ensure you have secured vital vendors for your wedding day. This includes your makeup artists, live band or DJ, entertainment, wedding cake supplier, ceremony celebrant, and EmCee. Double-check your contracts and details to ensure everything is in place for a seamless celebration.

4 - 5 Months Out Wedding Checklist

  • Care for Guests' Accommodation and Transportation:

Take care of your guests' comfort by arranging their accommodation and transportation. Consider booking hotel room blocks for out-of-town guests and providing them with transportation options to and from the wedding venue. Ensuring their convenience will enhance their overall experience on your special day.

  • Have Your Menu Tasting:

Around this time, your wedding venue will invite you to a menu tasting, offering you a chance to sample their delicious menu choices. If you're using external caterers, request a menu tasting between six and four months before the wedding. Whether it's an intimate private tasting or a group event, this experience will help you finalize your wedding breakfast choices. Remember, you're not limited to a traditional three-course dinner; options like hog roasts, sharing platters, and BBQs can add a unique touch to your celebration.

Additionally, use this opportunity to discuss any special dietary requirements or food intolerances with your venue or caterers. While you may not have the final guest list yet, your vendors should be able to accommodate individual needs as standard practice.

  • Book Hair & Makeup Artists for the Big Day:

Find hair and makeup artists from our directory whose work aligns with your vision. Collect inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest to share with them during your trials, which should be scheduled anytime between now and three months before the wedding. Don't forget to add a trial session to ensure you achieve the perfect look for your special day!

2 - 3 Months Out Wedding Checklist

With just two to three months left until your big day, there are some crucial tasks to tackle. Firstly, keep a close eye on your RSVPs and send out the last reminder to ensure you have an accurate headcount.

Next, it's time to finalize the wedding script or scenario with your EmCee or host, making sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

One of the most significant tasks during this period is purchasing your wedding rings. Take your time to find the perfect ones that complement your engagement ring and fit your budget. If you're considering a bespoke ring, start the process early to allow for any customization.

Once your outfits are chosen, start buying your accessories, including shoes, hairpieces, and lingerie for the bride, and shoes, ties, cufflinks, and suit accessories for the groom. This way, you can ensure everything fits perfectly during your final fittings.

With the decor and smaller details in mind, purchase any finishing touches to decorate your wedding venue. Order your wedding guest book, on-the-day stationery like orders of service and place cards, as well as wedding signs, menus, and favors. Additionally, consider adding extra entertainment, such as outdoor games or photo booths, to keep your guests entertained and create lasting memories on your special day.

1 Month Out Wedding Checklist

As the big day draws near, it's time to let loose and celebrate with your hen and bachelor parties. Take a break from wedding planning and enjoy these pre-wedding festivities with your closest friends. Need help organizing the perfect party? Check out our guides on planning a memorable hen party, a fun stag do, or even a joint sten party to make the most of this special time.

With the countdown ticking, it's crucial to finalize the timing for your wedding day and communicate the schedules to your vendors. From the moment you start getting ready to the ceremony, reception, and cake cutting, every detail matters. You can use our wedding day timing templates or rely on your venue and photographer for assistance.

Ensure all speeches and readings are sorted out with the people involved in your wedding party. Make sure they are aware of their roles and the order of events. This will help make the day run smoothly and allow everyone to feel confident and prepared.

As the wedding date approaches, make sure all vendors are paid in full or have a clear payment schedule in place. This will prevent any last-minute surprises or issues and ensure everyone is happy and ready to contribute to your special day.

Finally, it's time to pen your vows and choose the perfect music for your ceremony. Personalize your vows to reflect your love and commitment, and select songs that hold special meaning for both of you. With these elements in place, your wedding day will be even more memorable and reflective of your unique love story.

Wedding Ring

2 Weeks Out Wedding Checklist

With the wedding day approaching, it's time for some final preparations. Firstly, get in touch with your wedding photographer and videographer to discuss specific shots or moments you want to capture. Communicate any group shots you desire, and share your ideas to ensure your wedding memories are perfectly captured.

Next, tackle the seating plan now that all RSVPs are accounted for. Write and order your seating plan, taking into consideration any dietary requirements. Provide a copy to your caterer along with the final headcount a week before the wedding.

Check in with your venue or coordinator to discuss any last-minute details and ease any pre-wedding jitters. Go through the ceremony schedule and ensure everyone is clear about the timings.

Lastly, attend your first outfit fitting, whether it's a beautiful gown or a tailor-made suit. This appointment is the time to make any major alterations and decide on the final fit. The final fitting will take place between one and three weeks before the wedding, allowing for any last-minute adjustments to ensure you look your best on your special day.

Wedding dress

1 Week Out Wedding Checklist

As the big day approaches, there are a few key things to check off your list. Firstly, ensure you have your final dress or suit fitting between one and three weeks before the wedding. Break in your wedding shoes to avoid any discomfort on the special day.

Schedule your final beauty and grooming appointments to look and feel your best. Consider booking facials, spray tans, haircuts, and more. If you have many beauty appointments, start this process with one month to six weeks to go.

Complete any last-minute tasks, such as perfume shopping, planning a wedding day surprise, and packing a wedding day emergency kit. Collect your wedding attire if it wasn't taken after the final fitting. Brief your wedding party on their roles, and most importantly, take a moment to relax and enjoy the upcoming celebration!

On the Wedding Day Checklist

As the big day arrives, focus on getting ready with a schedule for hair and makeup. Don't forget to give out thoughtful gifts to your wedding party, and meet separately with the registrar for a quick check before the ceremony. Consider doing a first look shoot for special photos and to ease nerves. After the ceremony, take a moment to gather your thoughts as a newly married couple. Lastly, cherish the moment during your couple and group pictures as your photographer captures the magic of your special day.

After the Wedding Checklist

Wrap up the wedding journey with post-wedding tasks:

  • collecting gifts and decor from the venue

  • consider changing your name and leave reviews for your vendors

  • control final payments and cherish your wedding memories through photos and videos.

After journeying through these milestones, your wedding planning should be on track for a smooth and joyful experience. To further ease the stress, consider entrusting the tasks to us at Midsummer Events, your dedicated wedding planner. Let's make your dream day a reality.


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