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WEDDING DATE - Wedding planning guide

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Welcome to our latest wedding blog! Today, we're diving into a topic that marks the very beginning of your journey to the altar: choosing your wedding date. Whether you're planning for the enchanting year of 2024 or looking ahead to the romance of 2025, we've got you covered with a step-by-step guide to ensure your special day is perfectly timed and unforgettable. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

When to start choosing the wedding date?

Picking the right date would be different for each couple. Start from thinking how much time you’ll need to plan your amazing day.

  • Official stats say that the average engagement is about 15 months long. Considering the common wedding invites etiquette in Malaysia, guests will be informed at least 6 months prior to the day. To make it safe, my couples prefer to start thinking about the date at least 12 months in advance.

  • Alternatively, if you are someone who stresses over big assignments and prolonged anticipations, a wedding far into the future may hang like a cloud of anxiety over your head. We can suggest you to consider shrinking your engagement to 3-4 months only which is still optimal for the downsized and less conservative wedding concept.

  • There are no wrong answers herein that case, it'll be a full-on sprint to the finish line, you may need proficient planner assistance or find a way to get it done yourself. After all, some people thrive under pressure. May it be you?

What to consider? Choosing wedding date

What to consider?

Choosing your most suitable wedding date, remember to consider the following aspects:

  1. Your own schedule. If one of you is an accountant or tax attorney, it won’t be a good idea to wed the weekend before tax day. After all each professional field has its own crunch time at work, so avoid this period as you'll either be stressed or find it difficult to take off for your honeymoon.

  2. Symbolic day for your. Anniversary of the day you met, the day you officially get into relationship, the day of engagement, the day of your first date, your (grand) parents wedding anniversary

  3. Available venue on the day. At peak dates and seasons majority of the decent and worthy venues might be booked out. A we know now the booking depth may be 12-15 months prior the date. In contrast, some couples would concede the initial plans for the sake of the venue they love.

  4. A beautiful date in the calendar. Game of figures, doubling numbers or rhyming with 24 or 25 will certainly set a memorable combination.

  5. Public & school holidays date. Some of your most dearest guests might love to see your vowing their whole family. The fact, that your wedding clashes with public to school holiday might be a perfect design to come the whole cast or accidently fall on their vacation. Moreover, never underestimate Friday traffic jam, regular traffic congestion during the long weekends and the beginning and the end of school holidays as well as losing momentum of many services work during large festivals.

  6. Your budget. If you are tight with budget there is a perfect solution of looking into a low season date or even a weekday. There is nothing wrong in that. People who love and treasure you will definitely make it work to be with you. Extra bonus is that venues and vendors are much more flexible and in favour to offer a better rates during the off-peak.

  7. Make sure that your dream-vendors are available on that day. Your wedding planner, photographer, videographer and EmCee are the essential input for the successful celebration.

  8. Year season. We do not have much seasonal diversity in the region. However, if you’ve been dreaming about spring a-like concept, palette and overall wedding setup mood, to realise it in December would be a bit out of road.

  9. Guests schedule. If you have any honoured guest must to attend the wedding, ensure they are available on the day.

  10. Honeymoon. If you have your dream destination and ready to set off for holidays right after the show is done, then consider the season. Think it happens to be skiing in Alpines during winter or autumn scenery trip in Japan.

  11. Numerology

  12. Horoscope

Hottest dates 2024 - 2025

We are predicting the busiest date for the wedding in 2024 which are:

01.01.2024 - Mark the new year and new beginnings with a wedding on this public holiday.

02.02.2024 (Friday) - Extend the joy of a public holiday with a Friday wedding, creating a perfect long weekend celebration.

24.02.2024 (Saturday) - The enchanting combination of 24 and 03.03.2024 (Sunday) ushers in the end of spring before Ramadan.

24.03.2024 (Sunday) and the coveted 30.03.2024 (Saturday) - Ideal for non-traditional couples seeking value in the off-season.

04.05.2024 (Saturday) and 05.05.2024 (Sunday) - Embrace the May high season for a stunning beach wedding.

06.07.2024 (Saturday) - An ascending order date during a long weekend and public holiday.

07.07.2024 (Sunday) - A unique date with doubled 7s, coinciding with school holidays.

24.08.2024 (Saturday) - A sought-after date bridging summer's end and peak wedding season.

08.09.2024 (Sunday) and 10.11.2024 (Sunday) - Autumn brings ascending order dates and better vendor availability.

24.11.2024 (Sunday) - A charming pair just before the bustling peak wedding season.

24.12.2024 - Embrace the holiday anticipation mood with a year-end wedding.

Looking ahead to 2025 top dates list, the stage is set for some scorching wedding dates that you won't want to miss:

01.01.2025 - The perfect way to kick off the year with a splash of excitement and celebration.

25.01.2025 (Saturday) - A gem among dates, combining the elegance of 25 and the anticipation of Chinese New Year.

01.02.2025 (Saturday) and 02.02.2025 (Sunday) - Ascending order and doubled luck for couples welcoming the year.

02.03.2025 (Sunday) and 30.03.2025 (Sunday) - Amid the fasting month, these dates offer a tranquil charm.

25.05.2025 (Sunday) and 04.05.2025 (Sunday) - An irresistible duo, a surefire choice for the vibrant May wedding season.

06.07.2025 (Sunday) - A mid-year delight, offering a dash of charm during the laid-back summer.

25.10.2025 (Saturday) - As autumn emerges, this date stands tall as the pinnacle of the year's hottest days.

25.12.2025 - What better way to wrap up the year than with a harmonious blend of luck, holidays, and festivity?

With these dates in high demand, seize the opportunity to secure your favorite day early.


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