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Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Have you already been to the outdoor wedding of your fellow? You might remember that the overall ambience of informality, romance and charm of nature had been almost dismissed by the discomfort of heat. However, with an emerging outdoor wedding trend in Malaysia, we are going to see the open-air settings at least for the ceremonies more often. So plan your outdoor wedding smart and head-on to ensure it will go perfect.

Today we are telling you what you should consider making a wedding in the heat a truly pleasant event.

1. Opt for a cool/shaded place.

Firstly, choosing the right place. Reception in the restaurant is safe when air-cons are on. But If you have an outdoor dining setting or ceremony do check whether any roof or tree canopy gets a shelter from the sun rays. If there is nothing like that, rent a tent. The best trick is to have the celebration next to water (sea, ocean, lake, and pound) as the heat is easier to take there.

2. Engage extra air-machine force.

In order to freshen the outdoor setting, consider air-cooling systems rentals such as industrial fans and those dispensing fresh and cooler air from above, air-coolers that deliver cool air and common fans. As long as air circulation is enabled, the whole event climate is set.

3. Shorten photo session.

Don’t keep guests at a long photo session. Nobody really wants to have their sweaty appearance captured, so shorten it to the minimum and best nailed to the neat and clear checklist for the photographer.

4. Mind daytime.

Though it’s not rocket science do plan your outdoor event starting at a later time closer to the sunset. Or else go for an early morning ceremony and leave the hottest hours of the day for indoor activities or procedures or even a proper break.

5. Refreshing & beverages.

Thirst is a major strain at hot hours. So stock and ensure free and easy access to refreshing drinks in every spot of your wedding setting: water, juices, lemonade and tea will do best when chilled. Be careful with ice-cold drinks.

6. Thought of menu.

When outdoor it doesn’t feel like eating heavy and fatty food, so emphasize light dishes and treats. Finger food, bites, salads of vegetables and fruits will do best, where BBQ seafood or poultry perfectly suit as the main course. Control sweets and cake storage conditions for preventing spoiling.

7. Remember about materials.

Wedding décor should not only be beautiful but reasonable and comforting. Hell-hit iron chairs are similar to hot coals. So do choose materials that do not change their property & temperature under the sun heat.

8. Dress up light.

Do not wear an opulent wedding dress with a massive train – you will feel very hot in it. Otherwise, change after the ceremony to a short and light outfit for your own comfort. If you have feet swollen in heat, choose shoes with middle-high heels. Groom shouldn’t upholster himself in a full three-piece suite, it’s better to opt for pale-colour trousers and light fabric jacket or vast.

9. Makeup to last.

You need to keep your face until the evening, so the makeup should last all day. Less makeup for outdoor is better, but we're talking about a wedding, so just think if you need both eyeshadow and eyeliner, for example, or one will do? Ask your makeup artist to choose long-lasting products such as eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Another concern is a foundation, the most expensive could float in the sun. Ask your MUA airbrush your tone, it will remain on your face in a thirty-above heat, even on oily skin.

10. Care for guests.

Stock up on inexpensive but important little things. Offer your guests simple flip flops that will be worn by anyone who has tired of high-heels or wants to dance. Sunglasses, Panama hats and sunblock cost a penny but will help you have fun at a wedding in the heat, and not wait for it to end. These miscellaneous could turn into interesting details - get your initials or wedding-inspired designs.

11. Wedding vendors are also human.

Your wedding team -the organizers, vendors, serving staff and everyone who works at the holiday. They will feel hot too. Everything that you offer guests should be available for them as well - water, sunscreen and other little things.

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