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Beach Wedding - Bay of Promises.

beach wedding Langkawi

The story of two beautiful hearts that found each other in Malaysia meant to cross over the border further to the dreamland chasing their dreams and making a happy life together. But before that, there was a sincere pledge to take this path at once.

Polina’s & Ali’s wedding ceremony only for two took place at one of the most popular wedding destination in Malaysia – Langkawi Island, where private beach of The Andaman Sea shelters loving souls and offer ultimate privacy and intimacy.

Their love story session was lighted by improbably beautiful dawn at the stretched coastline, the humanist wedding ceremony was hosted during perfect sunset time and “Toast of Promises” voiced out under the star-laden sky where each word was caught by the wind to sacrifice to force of the sea. The day was planned to be relaxed and intimate aiming to enjoy the simplicity of themselves, their memories of the first day they met, first sight, first kiss and first sympathy. Add botanical vibe of lush rainforest and charm of the shallow sea.

wedding bouquet

"I have always dreamed of my wedding bouquet to be special... the one I’d somehow keep for myself as a reminder of the most important day of my life. Having decided on a beach wedding, we came up with an idea of a seashell bouquet. I knew it was exactly what I always wanted- beautiful, unique and timeless..."


The morning of the wedding saw the bride and groom having a pleasant walk along the beach gathering seashells and stars for crafting adorable bride accessory. Continuing morning hours with lightweight work-out together as a sign of appreciation to their hobby that made them meet each other. Beach coast jigging and acro-yoga session to gear up with positive for all day long. We love these photographs captured by the talented Rahman Sharif who highlighted the couple’s warrior souls and the opposite character of self-irony.

After Polina got her look done and dress fitted nicely she took some time to ease her excitement and enjoy genuine anticipation feelings in her suite hugging teddy bear and admiring her exquisite bouquet. There were few steps more towards the men of her life….

Destination wedding Langkawi Malaysia

"We didn’t want our wedding atmosphere to be stressful of uncomfortable for any of its participants (either us, guests or organizers), so we decided to loose the heels and shoes and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the beach. Standing barefoot and exchanging our vows felt so natural and we enjoyed this moment, filled with pure happiness, embracing everyone around us."



Polina wore a slightly glitzing champagne tone gown. The straight across neckline and dramatic, full skirt and modest veil made her look like a classic princess as she felt herself benefiting from the contrast with abundant nature background and low sun rays. Ali looked casually discreet shaping his fitted body with a sleek outfit. He opted for white rolled-up sleeves shirt, navy blue trousers. He accessorised with a contrasting black suspenders and delight visible in his eyes.

Intimate nuptial set up was arranged under the giant branch of rainforest tree with the breeze-floating fabric of teal colour gently wrapped around the branch and creating soft banding line directions which seemed pretty relaxed as well. Both arch and bouquet were meant to echo the sea nature force which would protect this day of promises and beginning of life long journey from any unfortunate. Walking bear-foot to him who was shining with a smile and impatiently stretching his hand towards his destiny Polina tear down of emotions filling this every moment. We adore these photographs depicting moment vows made which meant everything to the couple.

Flawless mood switched immediately after accident played the tune of Ed Sheeran “Perfect” when he screamed: “I hate this song!” unison with her yelling: “I love this song!!”. They remained to hold their hands and look into each other eyes and laughter just was dressing their happy moment of “promises” to love, to support, to compromise, to trust and to stay true to each other.

The Andaman Beach is such a private and romantic place and its white sand and lavish tree leaves and bushes look magnificent set against the still water bay. The casual toast session was held after sunset at the beach private table set up appreciating night breeze and fairy light cosy glow.


"Getting married in Malaysia meant a lot to us, as it was the place we met. No matter where life takes us, it would be always our safe haven, our place of joy and beautiful memories, now doubled up by the memories of our touchy, unforgettable Langkawi wedding".


Before setting off for the greatest endeavour Ali made his belief that “The Best Yet to Come” and wedding to the loved one is the very firm threshold of the blessed journey.

We are inspired by strength and tenderness of this couple, mutual sympathy and support, dedication and self-irony which makes their faces to shine even brighter.

All the best from all Midsummer Events Team Heart. We love you, guys!

Please join us in sending Polina and Ali so many congratulations on their first marriage anniversary, and thanks to both them and Mango Touch Photo for sharing their wonderful photographs here today.

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