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Wedding trends that we love

Congratulations to our beloved beautiful bride and groom that made it to the altar in this year. We have seen many outstanding and definitely significant wedding trends that are unique to each and every individual based on their love story. We are so happy to share with all of you the trends that we absolutely love.


We really love the fact that designers are not hesitant to use flowers not only as a table decors and on the aisle. They’re braving to shower the venue with blooms from ceiling to wall to enhance its majestic feel. We were getting the cue from of course The Royal wedding of the year: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. Full wall of fresh blooming flower installation is definitely in our top list of favourite trends.

Wedding flowers installation

Wedding decor: Razak luxe decor


Known the style is a favourite of boho-chic millennials, the art of macramé is believed to have originated with 13th-century Arabic weavers, who used hand-looms to make what they called "migramah," or "fringe." The fact that the weave style is still trending today is a testament to its versatility and cool factor. We have seen it used as an inspiration for a romantic wedding dress, woven chair cover, hanging decorations, even as beautifully designed woven inspired cake to embrace the intricate detailing of tying knots together and making it exquisite.

macrame wedding decor

Photo: Mangotouch // Wedding planner in Malaysia: Midsummer Events


Since many airlines have made it convenient and affordable to fly to any part of the world (depending on your country restrictions) it is, without doubt, becoming more of a reason for couples to fly their guests to their choice of wedding destination. They’re not only deciding on hosting their wedding there, the fact they took the opportunity to adopt the local customs and added to their wedding that made the whole event more memorable

malaysian wedding

Photo: Tamarind Springs


The millennial couples are seen to be taking their wedding to a smaller scale. As they’ve become more financially conscious, they’re also considering to only invite the important people in their life. Not only it’s more intimate, it certainly makes the party more fun as it’s less formal.

intimate weddings

Photo: Mangotouch // Wedding planner: Midsummer Events


As the colour of the year was the Ultraviolet, many designers are incorporating lots of tones that compliment to it, such as burgundy, mustard and bronze. We are loving the fact that these colour schemes are just as classy and elegant as your typical white wedding except that it’s bursting with deep moody elegance to the whole event. With the right combinations, the whole theme is translated from boho to royal to even mid-century settings.

Coloreful florals

Photo: Kristara


As the weddings becoming more of a chance for people to get together and celebrate good times, many couples opted for a venue that is more than a wedding hall. Traditionally wedding halls are still of course favourite as they can cater to more guests. However, we have seen a variety of unique venue spaces that are available and couples are really looking into it. Rooftops, glasshouses and hidden bungalow in the middle of a jungle to name a few. Couples are not only wanting their guests to join to witness their matrimony, but they also want their guests to experience and remember it.

wedding venue in Malaysia

Wedding planner in Malaysia: Midsummer Events // Venue: Ampang GlassHouse // Decor: XO23


Laser cut printed fabrics, traditionally woven fabrics and of course, intricate lace is amongst the favourite that couples are choosing to be in their decor designs.

testured linens in wedding decor

Photo: Rachel Red Photography


As for the rest of the decor; couple opted for the more modern design of translucent chairs, tent and even the altar to give that close to nature yet chic romantic feel to it. Especially when the event is held during evenings and it’s heavily lit up by beautiful fairy lights or romantic candlelight everywhere. It also gives an amazing amount of great lightings everywhere when used in the day time as natural sunlight shining through and brightens up the whole space.

translucent chairs for wedding

Photography: Erin McGinn

We are looking forward to what are the top picks of the couple next year, as they are now more out there and daring in choosing their themes. May this year will be bolder and beautiful with bright colours and big spaces.

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