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Wedding decor and style workshop

1-2 May 2019 



  • only fresh flower to be used

  • inspiration by Malaysian culture

  • create a floral design in a tropical climate

  • implement trendy concepts

  • use modern techniques and methods

  • don't copy but elaborate unique idea

  • place the decor in the real venue as a showcase of an event space

Vendor Information:

The first day of the workshop was devoted to the theoretical aspects of wedding decor and it's core-rules, techniques and basic wedding decorator skills and professional knowledge. Special interest was aroused by financial topic and principal of estimates quote. We were presented case study of wedding decor projects and shared with a blueprint of design project elaboration. 

The second day of the workshop started with the step-by-step realization of creative floral design concept which speakers have got the inspiration from British colonial decor, palette, prints and interior elements. Students recreated the ceremony installation and the wedding reception table decoration with an elegant setup. 

The ceremony installation was represented by the accumulation of hanging fabric-printed patterns and prints imitating the typical colonial wallpaper which were inhanced with the bold suspended floral compositions and finished with the floor compositions incasing the ceremony venue. 

Table set up had it's unique centrepiece arrangement - one floral composition gently flowing from one vase to another by connecting the accent floral colours. The main part for vessels was given to the Chinese porcelain.

Creating this masterpiece all students were governed by two primary techiques - grouping colours and multi-layer space planning that have special features, traits and secrets could be learnt and practiced by participants on the spot. And many other nitty-gritty tricks were revealed during this invaluable session.

Speakers and organisers have honored all students with Workshop Certificate and captured group excitement on a group photos.