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1. What will be your charges for my wedding day?
Since each event is different, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us to determine which services will best fit your needs. Consultation is free.

2. Do you have any outstation surcharges?
Yes, We do. The outstation charges will be included in the wedding coordination proposal and normally will comprise reasonable costs of travel, meal & lodging overheads for me and my assistant (if any).

3. What will be included in your wedding planning fee?
Our  job scoop encompasses 3 main routines: 

  • Before the wedding: to take over planning routine from the bride & groom. 

Planning FAQ

- Initial free meeting with bride and groom; introduction, budget and theme consultation; - Unlimited consultation hours by way of face-to-face or mobile/social media tools; - Up to 7 face-to-face meetings with clients for wedding planning discussion, including meeting with vendors; - Budget creation, oversight and maintenance; - Individual wedding concept and style design, creating scenario and production management; - Ceremony venue - sourcing, checking compliance, facilities assessment; seating layout planning, complying styling according to the concept and scenario; - Reception venue - sourcing, checking compliance, facilities assessment; seating layout planning, complying styling according to the concept and scenario, menu testing; - Vendors team gathering for the wedding concept realization/production (Photographer, Videographer, Emcee, gown designer and stylist, DJ, Live band, first dance choreographer, cake baker, show program and other talents); - Vendors interviewing, shortlisting, contracting; - Tracking of Save the date, Invitation, RSVP; - Liaising with vendors during the planning process and ensuring their cooperation; - Attend and oversee rehearsal, processional, recessional and related items; - Wedding planning pipeline for couple; - Checklist for couple; - Preparation, dissemination and control of checklist, timelines and itineraries for vendors; - Wedding entourage and logistic arrangements; - Transportation arrangements for guests and couple;

  • Wedding day: oversee deliveries, décor and layout setups, quality of all services and agents executions, all guest relations.

  • At the end of the event: oversee turn down, clean up and handle final payments (if any).

4. Why should a bride and groom hire a wedding planner?
To truly enjoy their wedding day. To capture the emotions and live through the moments. To share the quality time with their friends, family & guests without worrying about the details themselves. To have peace of mind that everything will run smoothly. Wedding planners are professionals who have experience and industry relationships that will ensure the brides wedding vision come to life.

5. What makes your service different from other wedding planners?
My sincere care of the client’s needs and ultimate responsibility. I am able to account for all the important details of the wedding flow in an organized and disciplined manner while maintaining my cheerful style and decency. With my past experience as a Travel Consultant, I learned so many aspects of providing services in a precise and punctual way.


Currently, I’m a full-time wedding planner and running the entire process of wedding planning from finding the venue to the last service turn down after the event is over. I gain more experience with every wedding that I do, coming across all kinds of wedding sizes, a mix of cultures & trends. I truly love what I do and want every wedding to be perfect for my couples.

6. How early should couples start to plan their wedding? Hire a wedding planner?
I advise my couples to start anywhere from 9-12 months prior to the wedding. You don’t want to postpone until the last minute and feel overwhelmed, but you also don’t want to be planning for too long. It’s also the right time to hire your wedding planner right away. You will need time to check their availability, meet and sign a contract. 

7. What areas do you service?
Since I base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I service Kuala Lumpur and Selangor as domestic areas. The destination wedding planning and coordination service encompass all regions of Malaysia and the Australian states of Victoria, Queensland and West Australia.


8. What payment types do you accept?
We accept cash, bank transfer, checks and PayPal. 

9. Do you offer additional services other than wedding planning?
Yes, Midsummer Events provides other services for couples such as:

  • Destination Wedding planning comprises all aforementioned planning duties in addition to all travel and logistic aspects involved such as accommodation, transportation, leisure itineraries elaboration, cooperation with destination vendors etc.

  • Wedding Concept Design can be custom made for a couple who is looking at a personalised concept for their wedding to get inspiration. It will include 1 idea/concept creation, 3 mood boards, 1 final concept presentation and a design quotation. 

  • Wedding Styling: Flowers & Decor includes all design aspects such as flowers, statements, venue design and adornment, table settings, invitations, in a word, everything that will surround you on your wedding day.

  • Wedding website development and content management. It is the latest innovative tool for savvy and smart wedding planning and communication successfully used by a couple, guests and vendors. The website accumulates all wedding information and helps to inform all parties about the wedding essentials and support a planning process with a number of handy functions. 

10. How do I book a date with you?
You are free to choose one convenient for your options: e-mail , call +601121010302 (WhatsApp/Telegram) or fill out the contact form on our website. We will schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with you to make sure we are a good fit and that we can meet your needs. Most consultations take about 1 hour.


11. What kind of topics will be discussed on the first initial consultation?
I will normally introduce myself and briefly present my portfolio. I would also like to know more about yourself – your love story, your proposal moment, special things about you as a couple, your vision on the wedding day atmosphere, preferred location and sort of guests as well as the size of the wedding. I’m more into learning about your habits, hobbies, interests, passion and favourite experience. After all, I would like to become your trustworthy represent who will organize your BIG day and a friend with whom you are comfortable to communicate and share your concerns. 


12. A Wedding Planner is expensive; can’t my friends or family help out?

A wedding planner is an investment in making sure your wedding day is beautiful & flawless while taking that stress & duty off you and your family. Just like you, your friends & family want to enjoy the day and celebrate with you rather than working your event for you. Most probably none of them will want to handle meal replacement or additional portion serving or stands by for a decoration setup and other deliveries during the event. So don’t stress them with unknown duty and let them have a pleasant time. 

13. What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?
A venue coordinator (read restaurant, hotel, resort etc)  comprise the ON-SITE staff, to ensure they are fulfilling their contractual obligations, such as serving food on time, cleaning tables, replenishing bar/buffet line etc. Often the venue coordinator is not there for the duration of your wedding as they have other events they are handling on property simultaneously. A wedding planner serves only your wedding to make every aspect run smoothly, greet all your vendors, brief and distribute a timeline prior to the actual day, make sure you are having a great time celebrating and ensure that your vision has become a reality.

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14. How much does a wedding planner cost in Malaysia? / How much money is a wedding planner?

Before answering the question, we would like to clarify the concept of wedding planning. A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning, and management of a client's wedding.

Unlike the common miss-concept in Malaysia, a wedding planner today is not a package trader, decorator or wedding factory venue – it is a specialist, your personal assistant, your wedding manager, your trusted representative to all vendors and suppliers and foremost is your individual wedding vision and concept translator and advocate. 


Said that a wedding planner covers the whole scoop of responsibilities for the wedding planning from day one and escorts couple till the show is over and even beyond.


The wedding planner fee mainly depends on the wedding scale – number of guests and functions/rituals/ceremonies in the timeline and location. Midsummer Wedding Planning fee starts from RM6000 for the entire wedding planning in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.


Midsummer Weddings specialise in a destination wedding in Malaysia and provides the planning service in Langkawi, East Malaysia, Johor and Pahang states subject of travel and lodging expenses. You can see our standard fee and inclusions here.

15. Can I afford a wedding planner in Malaysia?

If you can’t afford insurance means you can afford medical care costs.
A wedding planner’s expertise and connections result in savings that would even neutralize the planner costs. Therefore, allocating budget for a planner you will most likely get a more mediocre wedding budget management exonerating the planner costs.

Can you afford to live through a precious time of engagement again or have your long-desired wedding day a second time? Most probably not, right? That is what you risk to get into planning and controlling everything yourself not mentioning all dreadful miss-sights you may do being not proficient in all aspects of wedding planning. 

16. Do wedding planners save your money?

No one can manoeuvre a wedding budget to get the best value for your money, often farther than you could on your own, like a specialist. No one can speak all vendors their language, give a solid briefing and set clear tasks like a planner who knows from inside how the departments coordinate to eliminate any mistakes and reduce unnecessary expenses. A wedding planner always knows how costs work and can rack up a lot of savings for you.

17. How much do you need to get married in Malaysia?

From a professional perspective, the question is the total opposite of common sense. 

The query you should start by right is “how much do I have or I can allocate for my wedding?”.


If you’d ask me, I’d say that the perfect wedding budget is 300K for 100 guests. With this budget is possible to hire a contemporary and fully facilitating venue, enjoy healthily and duly served meal, decorate guests tables and ceremony in a modern, elegant and neat way creating a special experience for every wedding guest etc…


However, my vision does not necessarily mean that a couple has that budget, right?

In that case, it’s right to start from what is your realistic finance and what best we can do of it. There is a simple worksheet of the wedding budget that would help you to segregate all wedding costs proportionally and effectively.

Fill in the form to get your FREE budget guide.

18. How do I choose a wedding planner?

Well, I believe that all my couples have kind of found a match with me, my philosophy of wedding planning and my treat to their love story and personality. 

You may start from a simple google or IG search by keywords that important to you, making it more specified rather than just #weddingplannermalaysia. Try to dig into the aspects you really value such as #intimateweddingkl or #outdoorweddingpahang or even #modernweddinstyle.


Look through several results, read what the planner talks about and how one translates his values and expertise. If you feel like that person can cater for your needs just make a trial meeting to get to know each other and finally understand whether you are comfortable with that person.


You can also ask for a recommendation in wedding groups, from friends whose wedding was an outstanding experience for you or you may ask for reference from your vendor – potential photographer, venue or tailor. Trust your heart, go your own path and never get fallen for sponsored content, cheap price or all-inclusive package as it’s so impersonal for such an intimate and personal occasion in your life.

19. How many hours does a wedding planner spend on a wedding?

2-3 working months. Doubting? Let’s count together.

My fee includes unlimited consultation hours with a couple, which I try to organize into conference call normally once in 2 weeks time. Every call would last at least 1 hour. Its’ 12hours  calls with a couple throughout 6 months (minimal planning timeframe). I require at least 3 face-to-face meetings with a couple each takes at least 3 hours – 9 hours in total.


I interview each wedding vendor candidate before shortlisting. Normally there are at least 10 vendors involved in wedding planning and I have to examine at least two of each. It’s 20 hours. The final briefing with each vendor would also take at least an hour. +10hours. Drafting contract for each vendor and submitting and signing – a day per head - 10 days of work.

Drafting final timing for the day and sending out – at least 2 days.


Wedding venue inspection – 3 hours per venue unless it’s initially confirmed. Which still requires the final visit and services readiness control. `Developing wedding concept for the couple would take me at least 2-3 days. Searching for references another 2-3 days and drafting presentation of the style and concept 3 days. Discussing styling details and submitting with the couple and correlating with the budget is 5 days additionally to hours of negotiations and submissions.


Planning seating and drafting layout for the ceremony and reception 2-3 days if there are no significant changes. Sending out, tracking RSVP and assisting guests with their questions, concerns and special requests including listing and data processing – at least 1 hour per guests. With a minimum of 50 guests at a wedding, it’s 50 hours of work.


Menu design and discussion with catering – 2 days. Menu testing, gowns and suit fitting session, seating and décor rehearsal – at least a day per task – 3 days. Distributing payments and managing deposits refunds 2-3 days.


Email, WhatsApp and other messengers conversations and discussions which even hard to calculate.


Hours (12+9+20+10+50 ) /8h.d = 13 

Days 10+2+3+3+3+5+3+2+3+3 = 37

Total 50 days, with an average of 21 working days in a month it comes to 2+ months of work at least.


Last but not least, the wedding planner is stand by the whole wedding day controlling everything from setup to dismantle. Which involves at least 2 hours before the event and 1 hour after with an average event that lasts 6 hours – a total of 9 hours. There is always at least one assistant for the wedding planner whose duty is 6 hours.  

Midsummer Wedding planning fee starts from RM6000 and subject to the wedding scale, extra tasks and number of guests. Projecting this amount to over 50 days of work it comes to 6000/50 = 120RM per planner per day. Is your office allowance lower?

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