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Wedding decor workshop Moscow Flower School in KL


Wedding Decor Workshop in Kuala Lumpur 

with Moscow Flower School & FlowerBazar

10-11 December 2019 


Hosted by Midsummer Events


  • Ceremony style: fashion, urban

  • Non-trivial floristry, use a mix of fresh flowers both imported and local;

  • Glance surfaces, pithiness, the beauty of the venue and landscape, authenticity and nature, unity of nature and city.

  • Create grand décor, use modern techniques and methods of arranging flowers;

  • Place the decor in the real venue to showcase the venue potential.

Vendor Information:

We started our working session with an official opening in the private and formal manner. Organisers, students and speakers were honoured by Mr Anton Revutskii – Charge d’Affaires a.i., Embassy of Russia in Malaysia welcome speech. Mr Revutskii noted the importance of building firm and fruitful relationships between Malaysia and the Russian Federation through training programs and experience exchange. The parting wishes were followed by presenting a souvenir catalogue of the most distinguished projects of Russian Décor and Flower school.

The theory training session had been officially launched. The first speaker Peter Zakharov - Moscow Flower School teacher of decor production started his lecture from "The review of basic decorative materials and techniques " along with the demonstration of materials samples thereby bringing in a genuine astonishment of some type of materials which were used for the décor production however had never been known by the audience. Take oracal, polysterol, HIPS etc, for example, practical and great sign decorative materials.


The interactive part became very versatile with the demo of banner pulling techniques, vinyl sheet and plotter letter cut pasting on plywood, plastic and vinyl, making a sign with LED illumination etc. Midsummer Events shared their interaction with local vendors and production pipeline required to render the project.

The afternoon session taking over by Maxim Zakharov The "Urban Waterfall" workshop idea presentation shed light on the final installation result. The next lecture about "Floral arrangements fundamentals" broadened student’s horizon and knowledge about modern floristry. The group discussed fundamental principles and techniques meant to be used for everyday work and the workshop installation floral setup. Golden Ratio, irregular triangle, ergonomics, grouping, roughness etc – the bulk of essential theory was covered to bring the understanding of an aesthetically great floral art.

The day was over with pleasant exhaustion with eye-opening material learnt and anticipation to implement that all on the practical session the next day. A number of questions, follow-ups, debates and collective assistance of students to each other to digest every detail of the theory session.