Wedding Decor Workshop in Kuala Lumpur 

with Trille Floral

6-7 August 2019 



  • use a mix of fresh flowers both imported and local;

  • colour palette: shades of white, creams, lattes, pinks, browns, golds and mauve;

  • inspiration by soft, romantic, feminine, delicate mood;

  • location is with minimal design, plain colours and natural light access;

  • workshop name “Natural & Romantic”;

  • use modern techniques and methods of arranging flowers;

  • place the decor in the real venue to showcase the venue potential.

Vendor Information:

The day one Trille floral introduced themselves, design philosophy and told about inspiration. Respectively, students shared their floral journey and background mentioning why they had chosen to be a floral designer. 

Theory part represented overview about current trends in a floral design such as shape, ingredients and other aspects and give a glimpse to a future trend expecting to set the scene in the wedding flower design like ECO-friendly floristry.

The session continued with a blueprint of how to work with the client and plan your design. The most complicated part – practical techniques of estimating, quoting flowers, processing materials and prepare your toolbox – was greatly welcomed by all students.