Wedding Decor Workshop in Kuala Lumpur 

with Trille Floral

6-7 August 2019 



  • use a mix of fresh flowers both imported and local;

  • colour palette: shades of white, creams, lattes, pinks, browns, golds and mauve;

  • inspiration by soft, romantic, feminine, delicate mood;

  • location is with minimal design, plain colours and natural light access;

  • workshop name “Natural & Romantic”;

  • use modern techniques and methods of arranging flowers;

  • place the decor in the real venue to showcase the venue potential.

Vendor Information:

The day one Trille floral introduced themselves, design philosophy and told about inspiration. Respectively, students shared their floral journey and background mentioning why they had chosen to be a floral designer. 

Theory part represented overview about current trends in a floral design such as shape, ingredients and other aspects and give a glimpse to a future trend expecting to set the scene in the wedding flower design like ECO-friendly floristry.

The session continued with a blueprint of how to work with the client and plan your design. The most complicated part – practical techniques of estimating, quoting flowers, processing materials and prepare your toolbox – was greatly welcomed by all students. 

Afternoon session moved a group forward to a demonstration of table centrepiece arrangement by Cara and followed by students hands-on when the speaker and assistant helped them out with compelling the studies arrangement style. Eventually, everyone got his own centrepiece to take a photo and bring it back. Cara presented table styling getting more into the details about materials, textures and principals she uses to set up a modern and romantic table. 

Day two was expected to have a very tough schedule. Bridal bouquet demonstration and practice, buttonhole demonstration and main installation of the arch with floral design and aisle gardens with the aid of students and thorough assistance of Trille Floral. 

Everyone got a chance to try all tasks, work in small group and individually, make own decisions and get feedback from masters meaning to bring in equal contribution to the final outcome. That made students to fulfil their desire to be a part of this trendy styling. 

Speakers and organisers have honoured all students with Workshop Certificate and captured group excitement on group photos.

Before the turn down the editorial, shooting was done featuring the most cohesive bridal style with suggested flower design.



Kayly Loh, Singapore


Pei Chuan Ler, Malaysia

Serena Yap, Malaysia


Yoong Cai Lynn, Singapore


Eunice Tee, Malaysia


Faradiba Anuar, Malaysia


Hang Do, Vietnam


Nikko Nguyen, Vietnam


Min Ooi, Malaysia

student reviews

Student reviews

student reviews2

Student reviews


Cara Fitch, Speaker, Australia


from the workshop and one more way to translate an incredible atmosphere of creativity and professionalism that reigned the workshop.