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About Midsummer Events

Midsummer Events is a Malaysia based wedding planner company.

We are best at planning mix-culture and intimate weddings where couple steers away from conventional celebration routine and prioritises personalised interpretation of couple character yet cherishing the traditions and aesthetic.

We are placing the unique concept at the heart. 

“Midsummer” name was inspired by two intricate notions.

Firstly, the idea to start creating thoughtful and gently designed weddings emerged after coming across the British style celebration just as an illustration of a prominent “Midsummer Dream” piece.

Secondly, our location has become a supporting element – Malaysian tropical climate makes natural feel of eternal “middle of summer” vibe.


Here it is – Midsummer Events brand was born.


Oh, yeah! WE!

We are two creative souls behind the scene –

Ms Varvara and Ms Anastasia who believe in a distinctive beautiful story of every couple and prompt service fundamental.

We can’t wait to talk to you about the day you want to spend special.


Trusted Malaysia
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