Where to get married in Malaysia?

Location, style and theme inspiration.

beach wedding Malaysia

1. Beach Wedding always comes with a stunning and natural setting making your day just a spectacular. You may choose the beautiful beach of Langkawi island or head to one of the secluded islands of East Peninsula – Redang, Perhentian, Tioman. Romantic atmosphere, privacy and exclusive treat are guaranteed in any way!

2. Kuala Lumpur – the capital city with its urban lifestyle, diversity of culture and tradition offers a countless number of venues for your wedding from private garden restaurants and bungalows with the most residential feeling and cosy ambience to the impressing rooftops and sky lounges with ultimate city panorama and famous landmarks view. The theme of a wedding can by any at your whim.

3. Wedding on the top of Hills at the fresh and cooling air where the morning mist is hugging treetops and hill picks. Malaysia can offer marvellous venues at French Village, Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands where you can touch the theme of rustic, old charm, amazing simplicity, colonial style, being surrounded by strawberry fields, tea plantations and botanical gardens.

4. Wedding in the Jungles – for nature-loving couples. The virgin rainforest of Pahang state or Borneo Island will be the best “nature” venue for the exotic eco-wedding ceremony under the wildlife accompaniment. Let yourself immerse with the nature at the moment of your hearts union. And that will be the most amazing moments.

5. Colonial Resorts, settlement houses and oriental mansions mainly locating at Malacca, Penang Islands but also styled seaside resorts across Peninsula are open to have the most elegant, sophisticated and luxury ambience wedding. Imagine fairy-tale wedding photos of Victorian epoch receptions, ceremonies, dinner and day-after brunches. Oh it’s the reason to go crazy with bespoke gowns, crystal and gold shining décor, dramatic candleholders and refined dinnerware.

6. Cruise and Yacht wedding – must have at marine cast of South East Asia. Think about saying “I DO” yearly morning at sunrise hours at the board of cruise ship or small bespoke designed yacht sailing across The Andaman Sea and the breeze is carrying away your vows to glade above the warm waves. All the marine theme – elegant, old-fashion, retro and water element inspired would suite to the adventure and discoverer mood of the sea voyage.

7. Chapel Wedding is an absolutely possible classic arrangement in Malaysia. You can give the respect to this fabulous family tradition at one of the grand dressed church nave or cosy and intimate parish. Religious wedding is just a perfect for the lighting of unity candle and it always stay as the most elegant regardless of entire ceremony or blessing only.


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