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Intimate wedding in Malaysia – Let’s make it memorable.

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Many of modern generation couples in Malaysia chose small or intimate wedding celebration.

Taking into consideration the conventional size of local weddings and also the specific of traditions we still would name intimate wedding is a less than 100 guests wedding in Malaysia. In fact, this makes it difficult to achieve the real intimate wedding goals in fact due to natural social aspects. We truly believe that it is still transitional stage for local society and the guest count will drop very soon as we keep receiving this desire message from our lovely couples.

So let’s talk about an ideal intimate weddings, also known as micro-weddings or mini-weddings today. They are small-scale weddings typically consisting of 50 guests or fewer.

Intimate wedding in Glasshouse KL

Who needs intimate wedding in Malaysia?

Intimate wedding is suitable for a couple who:

  • Prefer intimate and personalised celebration over grand, traditional wedding;

  • Want to celebrate their special day with only closest family and friends;

  • Look for more relaxed and informal atmosphere;

  • Prioritise their personality over the public opinion;

  • Practice purpose and consumer consciousness.

Being an alternative to conventional, an intimate wedding will definitely have its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Intimacy, privacy, personalisation;

  2. Elevated guests experience: you can invest into better food menu or deliver more personalised guest experience through gifts, stationary or other means;

  3. More flexibility and less stress: fewer guests means less planning and logistics;

  4. More unique and creative: with a smaller guest list, couples can focus on unique details and personal touches;

  5. More environmentally friendly: Less waste and fewer resources used;

  6. Meaningful interactions: with fewer guests, couples have more time to spend with each guest, making the celebration more meaningful;

  7. Unique venues: intimate weddings may take place in non-traditional venues, such as a backyard, an authentic restaurant, private estate or a small chapel.


  1. Limited guest list: not everyone can be invited, which can be difficult for couples with large families or close friend groups;

  2. Fewer entertainment options: with a smaller guest list, there may be less room for entertainment or activities;

  3. Less formal: lack of formality and some protocol may diminish the solemnity of moment.

Things to consider when planning wedding

It is important to embrace the specifics of intimate wedding format - an emphasis on an intimate atmosphere. Once you accept this specific and stop trying to implement the traditional large weddings’ attributes, the solutions will come themselves.

Wedding invitations:

Do make wedding invitations and hand them to each guest in advance. Ensure you, relatives will keep sake them for years. If your budget allows, engage calligraphy on high-quality art paper.

Couple’s look:

It doesn't matter how many guests are at the wedding - a hundred, ten, or just the two of you. The bride and groom should always look perfect! Let the guests dress up too, observing the dress code, if you indicated this in the invitations.


When choosing location for intimate wedding, correlate the number of guests with the venue size; your guests will feel uncomfortable in a room that is too spacious. Always opt the venue with high privacy or possibility to isolate your party from other events or guests. For example, to book a small room that will be closed.

You can also arrange a destination wedding or choose a place in nature where guests will stay for a night.

Wedding venue Kuala Lumpur


Freedom for your fantasy! There are little guests count, which means that you can treat them more extraordinary and delicious. You can plan individual menu for each, or go for the cake puzzled from different pieces according to the flavour preferences of your loved ones.

Wedding Menu

Vow ceremony:

The vow ceremony will be the most dramatic part of the wedding. Yes! You will need to care about a professional celebrant and prepare your messages to each other. The guests can watch your exchanging vows standing or if you want people to sit, choose seating in a semicircle or checkerboard pattern.

Wedding ceremony KL

Style and decoration:

Here you will find significant differences from large weddings, because the design of an intimate wedding is meant to create a soulful atmosphere. When the venue is small, it is worth making the atmosphere in it even more intimate. On the contrary, if there is too much empty space, it is important to design it into small visible zones, in which all or almost all guests can stay together. For example, arrange a lounge with several sofas or a dining table, visually fenced off with a booth or green wall. Any open and empty canvas space will give discomfort.

Pay extra attention to details, each of which will say something about your couple and the guests present. For instance, instead of name cards, you can hand-write a small note for each, and serve cake on the favourite family tea-set saucer. By this you will prioritise something what would be most pleasant for each invitee.

Seating layout:

Think about having long tables but not many small tables in order to reinforce the feeling of togetherness. Opt for a tactile elements and textures like soft-touch fabrics, wood and soft warm light or candles to create cosiness.

Guest entertainment & activities:

We suggest to decline having a host? An outsider in this case will only destroy the atmosphere of intimacy. How ever, this does not mean that you will be left to sit at the table and talk. Why don’t you and your fiancé become the hosts or, another option, invite each guest to host your wedding for 20-30 minutes in turn. When everyone contribute, it will come up something very unusual. What about pre-recording all announcement in a dramatic or whimsical manner? This will add even more special atmosphere to the wedding.

Some other ideas of entertainment:

  • A video or slideshow of your couple.

  • DJ, duet or live music is better. Invite a musician or a small band to sing for you live, that can adjust the list and play on a par according to what is happening at the wedding.

  • The first dance of the couple can invite everyone to the dance at once, and so that the couple not start alone.

  • Do a quiz about your family, or get create a special board game about you with the designers – amazing for indoor wedding.

  • Outdoor, everyone will enjoy a short quest or quiet games (petanque, jenga, etc.)

Remember to bright up the end of the day, putting a dramatic closure. It can be fireworks or a fireworks, or maybe you walk out under the sparklers in your loved hands.

Personalised favours:

Intimate wedding setting gives you the opportunity to give everyone something special. Think about what gift and which guest will be specially desired? For example, moms can be presented with albums with your childhood and school photos, and a karaoke fan brother with a two hours certificate in his favourite karaoke box.

Photo and video:

Probably here it is the same as at big wedding, you will need photos and videos, so both professionals will be engaged. Just make sure they can shoot well in the light you want and capture the atmosphere you want to create by providing them references and discussing the details during the briefing.

Intimate wedding KL


Wedding Planner Midsummer Events

Some blogs will say that intimate weddings are budget savvy but we would rather argue with that. If you elaborate décor and styling, refine menu you will probably not save much. Especially if you consider destination wedding or getaway and bring your guests to there your expenses will be significant.

We hope that our tips for an intimate wedding planning cover your concerns and questions and encourage you to plan an unforgettable event which will be different from others and fulfilled with meanings. Our intimate wedding packages are specially designed to highlight individuality and meaningfulness of the day. Check them out to see what to start with.


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