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Updated: May 2, 2021

Exactly, do not play ping-pong with wedding vendors and delusion your own expectations after each next quotation received. The most progressive economies and nations in the world speak the clear and specific financial language. In the wedding context, it is a budget. Understand your budget clearly and use it as the start point of rational and stress-free wedding planning.

Whether you are funding your wedding yourself or have support from family and closest try to set realistically your bottom line and the highest limit you would have for your wedding.

It is very important to write this figure down and speak it out.

But what is next? You need to know in what proportion the wedding budget should be distributed. Based on my personal experience, common sense and general stats a healthy budget distribution would look as follows:

  1. Venue rental & banquet/catering 35-40% of budget

  2. Ceremony, styling and decoration 15-20% of the budget

  3. Photography & videography – 10% of the budget

  4. Emcee & entertainment – 15% of the budget

  5. Bride & groom look – 5-10% of the budget

  6. Miscellaneous – 5% of the budget

  7. Transport, stationary & technical equipment – 5% of the budget

The imperial rule of wise budget planning is setting the priorities. It is impossible to crave for everything unless your budget is unlimited. You will have to be rational.

Control your budget and do bookkeeping instead of keying in expenses upon spending.


Here is a breakdown of thoughtful and rational budget planning: if your allocated budget is 100K ringgit, the corresponding expense portion will look as following:

  • Venue&reception - 40K

  • Ceremony, styling & décor – 15-20K

  • Photography, videography – 10K

  • Emcee, entertainment, sound & light – 15K

  • Bride & groom look – 5-10K

  • Misc – 5K

  • Logistic, tech appliance & stationary – 5K

This is a healthy budget division. As one budget article overrides the portion it will cause compromising on the rest which greatly affects the final wedding celebration experience. Keep balance.

I’m sharing today our worksheet of budget control where you can key in planned & actual costs and they will be displayed in a graph/chart for your perusal and expenses tracking.

Click here for FREE download.


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