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Wedding décor vs wedding styling – What do brides choose today?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Tea ceremony styling

One of the most integral parts of the modern wedding is wedding styling. Unfortunately, some couples may not a clear understanding of what it means or often liken it to the decor. Which is a misleading idea.

Disclamer: Midsummer events provides wedding styling, but not decoration, as a supplement service to wedding planning service.

Let’s try to figure out what’s the difference.

The difference between wedding styling and wedding decoration

Initially, “Decoration" means the act of adorning, embellishing, or honouring of the space by adding or changing items to make it look nicer, whereas décor is the style of decoration.

Styling – how something is made, designed or performed. To style means to design and make something in a particular style or for a particular purpose. Styling got a purpose and implies design work – the work with the space.

Here is the difference – wedding décor term may imply adding random items which are nice itself alone but totally out of the style, or wedding concept and not associated with the space. Unlike wedding styling, which describes the design of the overall look and feel of your wedding through zoning the venue, subduing decorative elements, palette, art objects, floral arrangements, lighting, event bridal and groom’s look into one unified concept that seamlessly integrated into the venue style and the bridal couple personality. Every detail is important and has never been random or excessive and has its purpose.

Wedding styling main aspects:

  1. Wedding styling based on logic, work with the space from the prospect of purpose, design harmony and proportions.

  2. Wedding styling includes decorative elements, overall feel and approaches to achieve this feel leaving an incomparable, unique experience and wow effect.

  3. Wedding styling is always a custom-made concept, it’s a custom design of the idea. The idea is the most expensive commodity as not everyone is able to generate unique ideas.

  4. Wedding styling is not a wedding theme. Never. The theme can be interpreted newly in each case by the creative designer but never should be repeated as its lack of uniqueness and relevance to every other client.

  5. Wedding styling starts from global trends. Moreover, nowadays the world is such abundant with fresh trends, concepts, phenomena, events and inspirations from fashion, the 3D and digital world, modern art, mainstream TV projects, progressive architecture designs and other social and environmental trends that there is absolutely no necessity to resort to those beaten setups that you find in Pinterest to wedding styling ideas.

Look at the idea of your wedding styling inside yourself.

Be ready to explore more and be more open, think outside of the box. If you can’t identify yourself what is the concept and style for your wedding you are leaning towards – ask people who are professionals, and seek designer'ss advice.

Midsummer Events creates the concepts that change the usual perception of wedding décor but turn it into a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing style through all aspects of the wedding styling – bridal and groom’s look, food serving, guest tables and ceremony site styling, light and music content for the right atmosphere, every detail and special treat to every guest.

I’d like to wrap up this blog with one very important note – since wedding styling is always a custom-made aspect of the wedding that is based on the idea and elaborates the ways how to implement it in life – the cost of wedding styling will vary depending on what resources may need to be used, clients desire and allocated budget. It’s not a set lunch of McDonald’s to be pre-packed and pre-estimated at fixed costs.

We appreciate it if looking for wedding styling or wedding décor for your wedding you would look into the idea of this article, understand whether we speak the same language, consider Midsummer Events wedding styling portfolio resonating with you and then send us an enquiry to save yours and our time.

To engage Midsummer Events for your wedding styling please fill in the form.


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