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Wedding planner & stylist

Malaysia & Worldwide




Full Wedding Planning
& Coordination

Wedding Planning in Malaysia includes all aspects from sourcing venue and designing a unique wedding concept, budget management, casting all required vendors and services and finishing with the actual day coordination.


Specializing in long-distance planning, we cater to couples overseas celebrating here.

Our wedding portfolio

About Midsummer Events


Intimate Wedding

Recognized as the best intimate wedding planner in Malaysia, we proudly present our exclusive collection of intimate wedding packages. Designed to encompass your essential wedding day needs, our offerings reflect our commitment to creating unforgettable and cherished celebrations.

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Wedding Styling:
Flowers & Decor

Wedding styling is an artistry cohesiveness of the wedding design elements which obey to the certain concept and includes all design aspects such as flowers, statements, venue design and adornment, table settings, invitations, in a word, everything that will surround you on your wedding day.

Midsummer Events provides complete wedding styling services such as: wedding ceremony & receprion styling, chinese tea ceremony styling, etc

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Wedding Flower 

Wedding Workshops are the most demanded training programs for Wedding Creatives in the fast pace shifting modern wedding world. Clients want a fresh, different and personalised touch corresponding to the occasion and wedding specialists want to hone their skills and stay abreast.

At Midsummer Workshops, we offer a diverse range of floral experiences, from private 1:1 flower classes to engaging corporate flower workshops.


Here at Midsummer Events, where planning weddings and events are a passion, absolutely new vision where we immerse ourselves into a world of beauty, elegance, the newest trends and extraordinary ideas are part of our job description.


By planning spectacular events across Malaysia, we strive to make you feel special by sharing your distinctive beautiful story. We are here to guide you to fulfil your fantasy and create an ostentatious event for you and your loved ones.


Every Wedding planning is special for our team. 
It's a big responsibility for Midsummer Events to make it smooth and memorable for the couple and it's our performance main guidance.


Our wedding exceeded all expectations.
The guests said that everything was like in the best Hollywood movie )
I would like to emphasize an individual approach to clients, a well-developed scenario, attention to all details.
Your team helped us realize all our fantasies, despite the fact that we were in different countries.
I am very happy that we trusted you, and you just created a fairy tale for us and our guests.   

Full review here

Assel & Omer


You are our Bride if:

  • you value quality but not quantity and intimate gathering seems to you the most desirable occasion;

  • you want your wedding would Stand Out from a million others;

  • you have no time to dig through bulks of information about wedding planning and would prefer to entrust this process to the professionals;

  • you expect the Best wedding vendor hire within your allocated Budget;

  • it is important for you to cater your international guests and foresee itinerary and accommodation for them who are following your destination wedding;

  • if you value traditions and customs, however, you are looking for a trendy twist for your wedding;

  • you want to find peace, being understood and ensure that you wouldn’t forget or missed out any tiny detail and your wedding ensure to be The Best;

  • you care about the aesthetic of the event and design concept truly speak to you and your beloved – cohesive look, joyful and delicate Emcee, creative show program, western service standards and the best production team in Kuala Lumpur.

If You answer “Yes”

at least once then drop us a note today for a complimentary consultation

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