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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Wedding dress @onewedd , Photo @jackieyongphoto

It can’t be disputed that the wedding day is the day of bride glory!

All the rave sights and gasps of fascination are addressed to the bride perfect look.

But how to take proper care about the look and get the right effect?

The answer is simple – bride, you must take tame for yourself and carefully plan every aspect of your look not missing a tiny detail otherwise all the efforts will be thrown out. Professional tips and expertise will help you to find look you love, feel comfortable and fulfilling. Aren’t it makes a gorgeous bride secret.

To definitely be on the track you need clearly break down all the aspects build your wedding day look and work it out thoughtfully and with delight.

We are outlining the primary check list of bridal look items and sharing the tips and references for you to create a heart-taking visage.


Threshold of a perfect bridal gown choice is defining the right silhouette matching your body type. Although every woman is beautiful and unique, but each body has its strong and weak points. So it is advisable to be aware of it and know how to choose the right gown and outline your body virtue.

If you are still not sure about your body type simply take a measure tape and measure 3 dimensions:

  • Bust is measured on top of the usual bra without push-up, measuring at the fullest part holding tape parallel to the floor;

  • Waist is measured on the narrowest part of the body (slightly higher navel), without pulling in and not sticking out the belly;

  • Hips is measured by the fullest parts of the hips, holding the tape parallel to the floor.


R - If the hips and the bust are equal but the waist is not much readable – you have a rectangle shape.

T - If the top of your body (thorax) is more volumetric than lower body moreover shoulders line is evidently widely than hips – you are inverted triangle.

H - If your hips and the bust are almost equal whereas the waist is significantly smaller (20-30 centimetres) - your body type is an hourglass.

I - When your bust is comparatively smaller than hips and the waist is distinct – you are a triangle (pear).

R - If the waist, belly and thorax are the most excellent but legs are slim – you have apple (round) body type.

Body types

Now you can choose a gown silhouette according to your personal type.


wedding dress Rectangle silhouette

YES: A-line, fluffy skirt, thin straps with V-neckline, open back, corset and embroidered top.

This body shape is sportive. To zoom up all the advantages need to remain the balance between shoulders and hips and narrow the waist visually.

Adding more volume above or below the waistline would help to gain the right effect.

The main goal – emphasize the waist, and to make any dress look perfect to use a small trick – make 3 body point accents which will feature slimness and delicacy of body. Collarbone, wrists, ankles, long neck, frail shoulders, open back – your landmarks.

Please mind:

  • your height – dropped waist dress will suit a tall bride;

  • your weight – the semi-fit top will suit curvy shapes; if you are slim, you can experiment with top and skirt embroidery and ornamentation, all furnishing (frills, ruffles, stones) will bring in more volume to your shape.

  • the small bust will be matched with any top – from tight corset to airy draping;

  • slim hips will allow you to put on low waist dress, try out multi-layers and various ornament.

A-line dress with thin straps and V-neckline, open back will be looking wonderful on this type of body. If you want to highlight the waistline, choose a dress with a fluffy and multi-layers skirt. Increasing the volume of the bottom you make the waist to look narrower.

Inverted triangle

wedding dress Inverted Triangle silhouette

YES: V-neckline, long sleeve (3/4 and above), ornamented skirts and application, A-Line, corset.

NO: off-shoulder, any neckline ornament. The main point – balance top and bottom minding the waist. To bring in more harmony need to soften shoulders, boost hips and outline the waist. The perfect match is A-Line or sheath with minimal decoration on the chest and neck area and maximum volume on hips. Don’t leave broad shoulders open, avoid horizontal cuts, ruffles and drop sleeves.

Consider V-neckline, chiffon and close-fitting ¾ length sleeves – this will stretch the silhouette upward. Flared skirt dress make the line from waist to hips more gentle and add the volume. Draw the attention to the bottom by sophisticated décor – embroidery, ruffles, draping, lace applications. Avoid the tight models as they will outline the male features of the body. Leave top decent and neat.


Wedding dress Hourglass Silhouette

YES: silhouette dress underlining waist, tight top, V-shape neckline, streamy fabric skirt.

NO: dropped waist, multilayers, ruffles.

Lucky “hourglass” is proud of the gorgeous waist and dramatic hips. The priority is to underline body curves balancing top and bottom harmony.

In fact, any dress style will make a match but experts recommend three main silhouettes: mermaid, sheath or ball gown. Extra accent can be brought by using waist-belt.

Please mind:

  • your height as high waist dress would increase it more when dropped waist and volume skirt conversely – decrease one;

  • your weight because if you are slightly chubby, consider A-line dress as it would conceal curvy hips but highlight bust;

If you want to accent neckline, look at V-shape cut, straps. The bust will visually look more accurate with a straight neckline or illusion. Take for consideration dress with open back. It’s better to minimise or avoid any ornamentation. In that case, the model perfectly fitting body will be accenting itself. The more light, romantic look will make a dress with a waist flared skirt and fit tight top.

Triangle (pear)

Wedding dress Triangle Silhouette

YES: off-shoulders, top with ornamentation, waist fitted, flared skirt.

NO: silhouette style, A-Line, dropped waist, very fluffy skirt.

The main goal – balance hips by accenting top.

Draw the attention to the graceful neck, collarbones, arms with off-the-shoulder, dropping and bell-sleeves, bateau neckline, gentle straps.

Go for a fitting top with embroidery or lace as an extra benefit. Sliding move from waist to hips can be played with a flared skirt of flowing fabric and decent fluffy model will help to cover hips volume. Steer away from very fluffy skirt style – it will add unnecessary volume to the bottom. A-Line and drop-waist dresses also highlight hips volume.

Apple (round)

Wedding dress for Apple Shaped Bodies

YES: A-Line, raised waistline, sleeves, shortened models.

NO: light fabrics, off-shoulders, dropped waist. The main target – extend the silhouette, define the waist and outline neckline and legs.

A-Line dress will neutralise top and bottom.

Slightly raised beltline would state the narrowest zone of the body, flared skirt starting just yet before waist and smoothen the problem zone and also strengthen the legs and stretching the height up.

Consider dense textures as they allow to form a neat silhouette. Too thin and flowing fabrics are not able to hide flaws and adding exceeding volume. If your shoulders are slightly massive – avoid thin straps, but choose a top with sleeves and elegant V- or U-neckline. Most probably you can brag with slim legs and graceful ankles. Then try to shorten a skirt dress.


Wedding dress, Kuala Lumpur, Justin Yap. Photo Mangotouch

Even after defining your preferred dress line and cut you still may think that the choice is almost impossible. Regardless of personal style, budget and time frame allocated some tips listed down will help you to find your perfect dress. Follow our expertise and your own bridal look will gratify you today, on the wedding day and decades later.

1. Do your homework – search what you like Make research at famous bridal magazines and blogs, look for the inspiration in Pinterest, social media, check out what was your favourite celebrity’s outfit.

Save all favourite references to one folder and once you’ve hit 10 examine what – what is common between them?

Majority of them have got lace?

Or a voluminous skirt? Probably open back?

This will round the idea what are you looking for or at least will narrow it down to a few options. famous bridal magazines & blogs:

2. Listen to professionals It’s been proved by consultants of the bridal studio the most common scenario is when the bride-to-be is coming to the studio being assured what dress she wants and after trying the design realises that this style is totally wrong for her. And conversely – fitting in a gown she would never take cognizance, falling in it. Mind the consultant opinion – they assist in finding the perfect dress on a daily basis.

3. Buy a dress for your current body shape If you are planning to take some diet and fit your body by the day of it is much easier to cut down the dress rather then grasp that you can’t zip it up shortly before the wedding.

4. Make purchases in advance It is advisable to start dress hunt at least 2 months before the day of. It may happen that the studio wouldn’t have your size and it’s necessary to make the order. Or the search would take longer than you could expect. Another scenario you might prefer to place a tailored made order after trying a dress in a few bridal studios. No matter how any dress requires alteration for the perfect fit and a couple of weeks need to be pledged.

5. Allocate the budget Decide on how much you can invest in the dress before going to the studio. Sometimes brides are spending half of the budget for the dress and later on regret that they couldn’t afford the desired live band or decoration. Most of the designs are represented in different price niche and differ only at the brand.

Bridal look. Photo @roobansacci

6. Mind the wedding style/theme Even before shopping, you should confirm the mood of the wedding or at best to know what is the venue. Whether its party at the beach, dinner in the garden or sophisticated ballroom. Your dress should be an extension of your wedding style (or the origin if you wish). Ain’t fabulous ball gown looks weird at boho party?

7. Plan your extra expenses Mind that bridal look budget includes not only dress. Bride, note other expenses articles such as veil, shoes, accessories, alteration services etc. It may round up to significant costs. And of course, remember about make-up and hair-do stylist.

8. Find your perfect gown shop

Make your homework listing bridal shops before the first appointment. Look for the advice of married friends, read testimonials, scroll social media profiles. Evaluate the online catalogue (does design looks like your references?), the appearance of the shop and the location.

9. Make fit-in appointment Most shops are operating by prior appointment. If you decide to drop by on the way from office it likely being reserved for another bride.

10. Start from the lowest price to the higher Each shop has got its price niche. Study online catalogue and imagine whether you will fit in the budget. If you understand that shop won’t suit you, it’s better to not go there. What is the point to make yourself upset, if you understand beforehand that you can’t afford the dress you’ve liked. Make a shop compilation ranging from the budget to more expensive and visit the first stated category. You might find a suitable dress there, so saving never did any harm.

11. Define 3 adjectives to describe your dream gown Romantic, classic, vintage, glamour, comfortable – a point on the most important aspects and distinctly describing idea look. Support it with references from “folder”. The expert will get your item quickly.

12. Find the right person who will accompany your to fit-in session You may wish to bring along your closest to the fitting session but consider person thoroughly. Do not invite many people that can cause some discomfort. Stick on 2-3 accompanying who’s a taste you trust most.

Wedding dress @onewedd , Photo @roobansacci

13. Wear seamless nude underwear for fit-in session Yes, this will be impossible to imagine complete look fit-in off-shoulder or tight-fitting design when black lace lingerie is exuding out. Take care about the right underwear in advance – this will help you to see the exact look.

14. Try suitable silhouette Despite you like on images you must take into account your body type (see our blog….). Some style which suite one bride may completely counteract another.

15. Take the right heel shoes Most of the bridal shops have got sample heels at standard 10-11cm height, but most probably you know what type of heels will make you feel comfortable. Wearing sneakers all your life you wouldn’t pick heel higher than 7cm. So try to find the most suitable pair of shoes in your wardrobe to visualise your look accurately.

16. Be ready to fit-in a pile of dresses Bridal experts experience show that chance to stick on the first dress you’ve tried is very low. You need to be 100% sure before purchasing, so that will compel you to visit a few shops. We would recommend to limit it to 5-6 show-rooms.

17. Make a photo to see your outfit from a different perspective Looking at yourself in the mirror we are able to see ourselves only under a certain angle and we can judge how do we look from a different perspective. Wedding day promises a lot of photography and videography documenting. So the tip is to ask your accompanying or shop assistant to take a few pictures of you in various poses – sway, walk, sit down. Make sure you love your look from any perspective.

18. Make sure you can move comfortably Just imagine you will spend 10-14 hours wearing this outfit. It is paramount to ensure that it’s comfortable to breath, move, stay sitting for a long time. You will be thankful to your self at the end of the day. However, when aesthetic win comfort, opt for a spare dress to change for a party.

Wedding dress in Kuala Lumpur, Justin Yap. Photo Mangotouch

19. Examine local designers Local designers shop may surprise you with interesting, intricate details and offbeat silhouettes. And price policy can be quite appealing. If you want an individual approach, you may directly contact the designer and find out about the costs of tailoring and time frames.

20. Mind weather It is very hot in tropical Malaysia and it’s is recommended to look for the light fabric options and also limit all sorts of unnecessary layering and synthetic lining.

At the same time mind, what is the wedding venue – outdoor will require more light outfit, whereas indoor air-con room will allow you to wear more solid design.

When you plan the destination wedding – learn the destination climate-specific.

21. Add hook for Train Such a helpful detail when you have a long train – small hook or button which allow you to fix it and alleviate your move (especially for the first dance).

22. Stay true to yourself Regardless who is assisting you at the fit-in session and what is your trust rate, don’t try to please others. Evaluate yourself from another perspective, listen to your guts and take a break, if you are not completely sure.

All these ideas and tips are from the heart of our team to the most beautiful and happy bride. We hope you can use it and build your look with confidence.

WHERE TO FIND YOUR PERFECT? We have fantastic and trustful designers and studios to recommend you to visit in Kuala Lumpur and fit in a variety of gowns:

In case you are confident in shopping online, here it is – the best resources with bridal fashion online shopping which is inspiring and cater to any budget.

Following the stream concept of natural beauty for free spiritual brides, this designer is offering ready-to-wear, custom order and design customization of wedding dresses and accessories. They are indeed a new-generation online shop provided with the new-paradigm ideals of ease, convenience, uniqueness, quality, and ecological-consciousness. The price range starts from USD800. David’s Bridal is ​a one-stop destination for everything you could possibly need for your big day – ​your dress ​or even your mom’s dress!

They have a plethora of wedding dresses under $1000, including designers like White by Vera Wang, Wonder by Jenny Packham, and Nicole Miller just to name a few. ​Lots of selection and styles that you could possibly wish for — petite, plus size, and tall ranges for those of you who struggle to find the perfect lengths and fits! Prices range from USD79-USD1898. Returns: DB stores are located all over North America. ​However, if you would prefer to do your shopping online and try your gown on in the comfort of your own home, they also offer a 14-day return policy. BHLDN is one of the hottest destinations for bridal gowns and guest outfits. ​Prices start at around the USD300 and go up to USD3000, but you have plenty to ​choose from in the ​under USD1000 range.

They actually have a designated category for designer wedding dresses under USD1000. Currently, up to 100 gowns can be found in this category, with labels like Tadashi Shoji, Watters, and Badgley Mischka.

BHLDN truly ​offers brides the ability to find a beautiful dress ​without going over ​budget.

​With a focus on weddings, they search the world for emerging designers and exclusive styles with superior craftsmanship.

The aesthetic of BHLDN is dreamy and feminine, with hints of ivory and light rose coloured gowns, with intricate lace detailing for the majority of them Returns: When you order online ​there is a 30 days return policy, along with reasonable shipping rates. Budget: Prices range from USD300-USD3000

One of our all-time favourites. Why not search for your wedding gown as well? There are so many talented designers who offer bespoke dresses made to your exact specification. Two Etsy shops in particular that get raving reviews and have beautiful designs are: RenzBridal Blush Fashion If you just can’t find what you are dreaming of online or in person, look to Etsy to get it handmade. Returns: Be sure to check individual sellers’ reviews as well as return policy before buying. Budget: Varies They have a perfect price range for a bride on a budget, and their dresses are quality made (especially when you look at the prices​ — all of their dresses are way under USD1000). Everything from mermaid to boho dresses, and styles for petite ​or curvy brides. No matter what your personal tastes, you are bound to find a favourite on Asos. Returns: They offer a 28-day return policy. Don’t forget to check out their fab collection of beautiful hair and jewellery accessories too. Budget: USD99-USD473 We know Nordstrom for ​stylish, luxurious pieces, but did you know they also do bridal? ​Nordstrom now offers in-store Wedding Suites where you can make an appointment with one of their wedding stylists who will help you find your perfect gown. Of course, if you can’t drop by for an in-person visit, you can always order from their online wedding collection. ​Their wedding dress price ranges vary. They currently have 38 gorgeous wedding dresses in A-line, ball gown, fit & flare, mermaid and sheath by designers like PRONOVIAS, Topshop, After Six and Tadashi Shoji all under USD1000. Returns: If you are an indecisive bride, you will love their extremely fair no time limit return policy. Find that perfect bridal gown and ​don’t feel rushed while you do it. Budget: USD150-USD5000+


Shoes - The White Atelier, Photo @roobansacci

Choosing a pair of wings for your foot is enough pleasing activity. Especially when it’s a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes. However, try to take into consideration not only the aesthetic but also your comfort as you will be wearing it throughout the whole day.

Expert tips will help you to find your ideal pair.

  1. Shoes are a best-selected matching dress but no conversely. This guarantee you to find matching design, the height of heel and colour.

  2. The comfort is the priority. It can be any colour and design. Featuring heel or flat, embroidered with crystals or minimalistic, but at the end of the day, it should be comfortable. If you are drawn to the graceful pumps you surely can go for thus. But think twice choosing such an uncomfortable pair. Most probably it will cause a lot hassle so it’s advisable to bet on more stable heel otherwise…

  3. Prepare a spare pair of shoes! Photo session, first dance, shift the look or simply got tired – you are back to the game just change shoes.

  4. Buy shoes in advance and break it in at home to get used to it and make sure that they are comfortable to put on the best day of your life. Practice it 10-15 minutes per day through a couple of weeks.

  5. Consider shoes you will be able to wear after the wedding. In that case, quite high long-term investments will be justified. Do not limit yourself with only bridal shops. You can find various amazing designs in fashion stores or buy online.

TOP best shops for a wedding shoe. Unfortunately, we have no many local brands in Malaysia featuring bridal shoe collection. So we would recommend to take a glance on overseas retailers and designers:

  1. Davids Bridal. Likewise most bridal items you can find plenty of wedding shoe choice here from flip-flops to all-over crystal lace. Designers from all over the world are represented here and price can start from USD15.

  2. Jimmy Choo. Malaysian celebrity shoe designer has got a famous collection of bridal shoes which you can buy out of national pride and show a prestige.

  3. Christy Ng Shoes. Another Malaysian Bridal shoes designer who confidently have a great sympathy of local brides for her sophisticated and affordable designs. There are a number of branded shops across Kuala Lumpur where you can find your favourite pair.

  4. Kate Mosella. You can find a custom made shoes service in this store as well as ready-made. This one more guarantee, that your pair will fit you best and get your ultimate comfort.

  5. Candy Lady. Amazing collection of the hand-made original designed bridal shoes. This brand started 4 years ago and dedicate themselves to the bride's comfort. The team encompass craftsmen with more than 10 years of experience. All to provide the best quality of footwear and reasonable price policy starting from USD150 for ready-to-wear and up to USD250 for custom made. Online shop and overseas delivery are available.

  6. Bella Bella Shoes. Apparently the most pricy but the most desired brand for a romantic and graceful bride all over the world! Anytime we see a piece we are just craving for this precious on our wardrobe shelf. Ready to burn the bank for the pair of genuinely fantastic bridal shoes? This shop is for you! Price start from USD350. Shipping worldwide and a few classes of mail will be offered. Return/refund policy is applicable within 30 days.

  7. The White Atelier


Your beauty look must be aligned to the very little detail. Make-up, Hair-do, manicure seek to create a perfect grand look. Besides booking a stylist for the wedding day you should also pay attention to other details contributing to your unforgettable feel and look:

  • bridal stylist is normally getting bookings 1-3 months prior the day off, some of them 6 months, therefore, shortlist appealing stylists and make appointments for consultation;

  • search in magazines or in inspirational sources the samples of make-up and hair-do you like. Save or print images and show to your stylist, use it as a guideline for a trial session and choose the best one;

  • 2 weeks before the wedding – plunge yourself in detox program – treat your skin and hair with nutrition masks, try to eat healthily, reduce alcohol and spend more time outdoors. However, we recommend to make your time and take 5 must beauty treatment beforehand.

  • give up the idea about complex hairstyle with a bunch of spray, pins and rhinestones! It’s not favoured any more. The same goes to the make-up – heavy mould will grace nobody;

  • use hair accessories and veil to complete your hair-do look;

  • keep spare matte facial wipes, lip glow, face powder, comb and hairpins;

  • opt for practical and comfortable nail style – long gel with massive ornamentation may ruin the dress and your hairstyle or else get broken during the ceremony;

  • the three main rules for bridal makeup – resilience, nature and versatility for any light quality.

MUA @benbernardmakeupartist , Photo @jackieyongphoto


Be a modern bride, look for fresh and appealing solutions for your look as it trends back towards natural and effortless style.

Top 5 bridal-make up and hair-do inspiration sources:

  1. Style me pretty. The ultimate collection of tips to glow from head to toes. You can also find the latest bridal looks trends review.

  2. Pinterest. The largest gallery of all style looks retrieving by a search request. That will work for you if you have a certain understanding of what you are looking for.

  3. Brides. A global review of the latest trends in fashion and beauty as well as wellness guide. 101 tips on every aspect of bridal look certified by TOP-experts of the fashion world.

  4. Bride to Beauty. Personal blog of Jillian Elizabeth – a professional bridal hair and make-up artist who is obsessed with sharing all things bridal from beauty, hair and make-up tips to bridal nails to flowers, dresses and much more. You can find invaluable information on beauty products and also the bunch of useful tips on pre-wed shooting, bridal morning planning and many more.

  5. Harpers Bazaar. A prestigious edition promising the most refined reviews on the most trendy bridal look related. It is inspiring to chase your wedding day image like a celebrity.

VEIL & ACCESSORIES As a long-ago, the veil has been a demanded and special accessory. Before buying it consider the dress silhouette. The length and the volume of veil matching individually to each style. It should complement your look but not pull over the attention. You should also perceive the spot and the possibility to place the veil on your hairstyle. Discuss all details with your stylist or better take it along for the trial session. Assess any other accessories like buttonhole, tiara or decorated pins to pair with veil and be selective as there is no need to fit in all on your head. Davids Bridal blog post I furnishing you with the ultimate veil guide which will definitely help you with veil choice.

You can find a fantastic veil design on our favourite portals :

LINGERIE Fascinating lingerie makes you feel a queen, enchanting and desired. The right set of lingerie will pack a punch so include this expenditure into your budget. Treat this purchase with extra carefulness.

Only will know about this deluxe secret – intrigue will put the mystery on your face that every photographer of the world is looking for.

The help with matching your gown cut to the bra is in the complete bra guide from Davids Bridal.

The most beautiful lace garments are waiting for you in the top 5 Bridal lingerie shop list:

  • Victoria Secret. This brand doesn’t require any additional comment as it’s the most beloved by all females of the world for its instant delicate look and tender style. Read terms and conditions for shipping to ensure the delivery on time.

  • LaSenza. Another prominent outlet with very intrigue style and premium quality which you can even find in KL shopping malls or else buy online if you are sure in your size. Delivery only 7 days. Recommended, apparently №1 in Malaysia.

  • BHLDN. Slightly pricy … but you worth it, isn’t it? Admittedly, you will be feeling like the most cared bride in the world with a lingerie set from this brand. Enjoy quite fast delivery within 4-7 business days.

  • Trousseau. This brand is up to something really personal. A luxe Lingerie and Bridal Accessory collection with a modern feminine edge. Each original design is thoughtfully handcrafted to the highest standard in Australia. Using luxurious silks and fine laces in a soft and muted palette, adorned with carefully sourced embellishments to take it beyond the Wedding Day and Honeymoon.

  • Myfamedive. Malaysia based online shop for the budget range lingerie and accessories. You can find in stock and order items. The key feature – customised service you can apply and comparatively fast delivery from 1 business day.

Whenever you choose such an intimate detail of your wedding day look trust your personal taste and listen to your intuition as only they can guarantee comfort for yourself.

With love, your wedding planner Midsummer Events

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