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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

What is a bridal morning?

Bridal morning

A bridal morning is one of the most exciting, nervous and emotional part of your wedding day.

It is much more than only applying make-up and getting ready. In fact, it is a memorable hours for every bride-to-be and the threshold of the beginning of the most special day in her life which would like to be shared with the closest friends, beloved or enjoyed alone – all depends on the bride personality and oneself vision.

Despite the fact that today we no longer attach the importance to the wedding rituals that we gave them earlier, the bride’s morning is still full of special meaning, and that’s why, I want to spend it somehow in a special way.

A bridal morning is a very tender, romantic and certainly touching moment of the wedding day which would remain in the memory along with the bright emotions that should be captured on the frames of the wedding album. Take this time to arrange your morning and do not regret about the missed opportunity of capturing the beautiful moments.

You should have a photographer to document it or even extend it to a videographer to film these magic moment. There are many aspects that should be considered to make the best of joyful morning documentary and make it as chilled out, relaxing, and fun as possible.

Important aspects


Many brides refuse the idea of having wedding morning photo session due to uncomfortable environment at home: boring walls, poor lighting, not worthy backdrop, furniture cluttered room. Some guests and relatives may crowd in the apartment may act destructing and some intruders may fall in the frame. You will need some privacy to put on and zip dress.

To avoid all this hustle and bustle we suggest to look at the options:

  • Hotel room. Probably, the perfect location as it guarantee you an utmost tranquillity and service – breakfast in room, dress steaming, hotel staff assistance in case of any emergency, spare phone charger, medicine etc can be easily be provided. Of course, spacious room, sufficient light and neat interior will be the extra benefits of the hotel room.

  • Private studio or suite. Will be a great alternative to hotel as they are equipped with necessary lighting and provide ample of space. The prime feature is that they are tastefully styled and the interior may bring in an additional edge to the morning story transferring you to the romantic, luxury, minimalistic urban or other spaciousness. You may fit on a role of model. The thing that you should remember that you may need one or two bridesmaids standby to help you in case of any runs.

  • Beauty salon with private facilities. It is a very comfy place to pumper yourself this morning full of feminine charm. It’s important to find one with good backdrop and light. Please remember to bring your bridesmaids or closest to give you hand in case you need.

The bride’s preps and close-ups are the must have shots that will be taken during the morning of the bride, so it is extremely important how the light falls. When choosing a room, consider what is best if the windows face east!


Take care about styling the place you are going to spend this meaningful travel from maidenhood to married life in. To make it unique and personal you may get floral stylist to décor the room, fill it with tender fragrance of flowers, get deco pieces underlining the concept and mood of your morning. It may be flower arrangements, flower bath, lush installations, stylish glassware to sip your favourite drink, ribbons, jewelleries and accessories, favourite beauty products and perfume. Or maybe coffee of rich flavoured tea and delicious treats and sweets set anyone?

The styling may follow certain palette or design style or epoch for an exceptional experience and shoots. We are offering you few styling concepts in the form of mood boards which have their own tone and character that may inspire you to try one out for your bridal morning.


Classy bridal morning

A classy bridal morning and shooting could take a place in a hotel room or designed studio with elegant interior or backdrop. The elegant atmosphere shall be underlined by white and cream palette. A bride will look especially organic in a luxury outfit. To enhance the classy status it is suggested to use jewellery and premium accessories, lux perfume. And some of the black and white photos can be taken to convey that timeless classy message.


Romantic bridal morning

What can be more desired for a young lady than to have a morning of her best day full of romance and zero g? Spacious and light room or private suite for the intimacy of time. Gentleness and natural beauty will be complemented by neutral soft colours and textures. Flair atmosphere could be fulfilled by fresh flowers, blooms and scents. Make an accent of a fine feminine soul by adding pieces of romantic letters. Simple yet fascinating lace robe or delicate dress style will complete the visage of a romantic maid.


Casual bridal morning

If you are more relaxed personality and would like to feel familiar to you normal soft morning then pyjamas or casual shirt will set the tone to your casual bridal morning. To make it even more habituate you may use your lifestyle elements and accessories as a décor pieces. To add some light festive mood the natural and organic palette could be used. Shall you invite your pet as a companion of this treasured moments? To make a final touch indulge yourself with favourite treats and drinks to relax, enjoy and pumper.


The most intricate and creative option of the bridal morning concept it is a themed style where you can enjoy a genuinely unique experience. You can dare for the most crazy idea. We encourage to go for a custom colour palette to make the difference. Since this theme will be build around your hidden desires you could use personal love story elements and things. Add some edge with tastefully styled floral arrangements. A designed outfit would make another statement of the morning. Plunge yourself in the offbeat interior room with stylish furniture pieces to finish that contrasting image.

Bridal morning photoshoot in Malaysia


It is imperative to think in advance about what you will be wearing. Lace peignoir or underwear has already become a classic option, but if this format is not very close to you, then think about a man’s shirt - also a classic, despite the fact that it is slightly different.

In addition to the fact that each of the options looks beautiful and attractive, they also have a practical feature, because the morning of the bride is primarily a preparation, that what you will be wearing should be easily removed through your head without touching the hairstyle.

If you are spending your morning with a squad of bridesmaids then you may get for them cute matching robe. If you are sharing this moments with your mother or granny you may have some similar toilet accessory or detail that will be a connecting link of your visage.

Photo ideas

How is photo shoot going to be arranged?

The most common option is capturing the preparations for the wedding. In this case, just fully trust your photographer, who will shoot the art report. We offer you the guiding ideas to take a notch:

  • Morning boudoir. Can be an elegant shot in a light peignoir, with a glass of champagne, surrounded by bridesmaids and beloved.

  • Photo of the rings. Try different styles - in the box for rings, or on the hand, or on a beautiful background.

  • Perfume. A fairly intimate moment is the process of applying perfume, because it is not only beautiful, but also fascinating!

  • Wedding Dress. When the wedding day is over, you will surely have more than a hundred photos in a wedding dress. Remember to photograph your outfit solely from different angles, from all sides. The same applies to shoes and accessories. Of course, the details of the wedding are equally important - rings, invitations, the groom’s boutonniere and the bride’s bouquet, perfume.

  • Pet. If you have a pet, then it can become the hero of your morning photo shoot!

  • Bridesmaids. If your morning will be surrounded by different people, including your friends, take a moment and capture breakfast sharing or just a few photos together. This will not only stay in your memory, but will also help to get sane if your nerves are already strained from excitement.

  • Finishing of the bride's preps. The bride in the dress, bridesmaids helping in “beauty guidance” and incredible joy from a few minutes to meeting with the groom are the brightest shots of the morning.

If you are ready to something more unreserved, you may look into this options which reveal your passion or sensuality:

  • Awakening. The bride in a dressing gown of a gentle shade is preparing for the upcoming wedding. Your look should be romantic. And the invariable attributes in the frame are jewellery, beauty products and scents, perfumes and, of course, a wedding bouquet.

  • Boudoir shooting. This photo shoot means posing with elements of light eroticism (but by no means vulgar!). You may wear luxurious underwear, use a transparent peignoir and veil, which will give the image even more mystery and sensuality.

bridal morning

Rest and calm atmosphere

Trust your wedding planner or loved ones who is helping you when getting ready to the wedding of your dreams, they strive to take care of your comfort and tranquillity.

If you have distributed responsibilities between them in advance, compiled a list of everything that may be needed, then you don’t have to bother about it - relax and enjoy preparing for the wedding.

To look stunning, you need to have a good night's sleep, take a contrast shower, have a hearty breakfast, as this day you’ll have to spend a lot of calories.

Well, if you can keep anything down, then you can replace the breakfast with a tonic made of cold water and a spoonful of honey.

Remember to go to bed early the night before and get a good sleep. Infuse the atmosphere with a pleasant and calming aroma and complementing favourite sounds and vibes.

It is very important to devote at least 5-10 minutes to internal tuning for the coming day. Indeed, the wedding day is very full of events and emotions, as well as impressions. Sit in your favourite chair or comfortable place, release tension and think about pleasant occasions in your life.


A wedding is a responsible event in the life of any lady. It brings a lot of excitement, experience, joy and many other emotions and experiences. The wedding at the same time is a very tense event in the life of the newlyweds. Therefore, any trifle can infuriate, spoil the mood and impressions of a beautiful event. It is extremely important in the morning to set the right tone for the whole wedding day.

Wedding morning is an exciting and wonderful moment, so let it be remembered in beautiful, bright and emotional photographs. Trust your bridal morning and the whole wedding styling and planning to the selected professionals, and then everything will go fantastic!


Book your bridal morning session here!

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