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Top wedding decor trends with Razak Ahmad

We were privileged to be directed to the magnificent man behind many luxurious and most glamorous wedding designer Mr Razak on one fateful morning.

Mr Razak had been sharing his invaluable experience and foreseeing wedding industry moves. We were told about Source of Inspiration, Designing tips and many more.

Source of Inspiration Like most of the millennial couples, most of them have already envisioned their dream wedding and it’s the duty of the right person to bring it to life.

As per Mr Razak, having worked with The Kevin Lee of LA Premier while in the US, definitely gave him that Midas touch to all of the weddings that he had created in the past years. His inspiration comes from the travels and his passion with beauty; that translated into his work of art.

Razak Luxe Decor

Cost Savvy designing

As most of the wedding designers working with many aspects to help couples create an ultimate event affair, it’s their duty to always keep working on within the budget. Certainly not an easy task, as when the design is more elaborate; there will be requiring more attention, thus it’s an important note for couples as well to consider on their demands. He usually itemized and be specific on his detailing so couples understand what they’re spending for.

Malaysia As a Wedding Destination Mr Razak believes that Malaysia is slowly emerging as one of the choices for couples to do their destination weddings. In hope that the logistics and vendors sourcing will grow tremendously in order for Malaysia’s picturesque locations such as Pulau Redang, Langkawi and many others. Malaysia just needed a great promotion kick off to really show what the country can offer as a wedding destination on the same level as Thailand and Indonesia. The Best of 2018 Razak Luxe decors have closed the year with fireworks as they were hosting many elegant and exquisite decor to most of VVIPs of Malaysia and international clients. His favourite trend is definitely the romantic enchanting forests with lots of greeneries as the theme.

2019 Trend prediction He mentioned that Pampas will be the in thing in Malaysia wedding designs as its increasingly in their demands.

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