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Mossy Forest Wedding

Style Concept – Jungle Wedding Ceremony and Anniversary celebration in Cameron Highland Malaysia



Jungle wedding

Colour palette

wedding palette

The Inspiration

Inspired by the charming family story accounting more than 4 years of happy and supportive living and birth of two endlessly adorable daughters we are whirling away to emerald tea plantations across the sprawling Cameron Highlands Hills. Full of exciting emotions we are setting the scene for a beautifully intimate and timeless Love Worship celebration that is both boho and mystic.

Bringing together a layer of tactile textures and abundant greenery for romantic and almost ethereal settings. Think slithers of delicate lace, weightless and almost pellucid silk, soft light strings, vows spoken in an audible whisper, wax dripping down pillar candles, loose flower arrangements, gloomy forest taking turns with vast expanse of lawns and proverbial tea hour with porcelain crockery and freshly baked croissants and just picked strawberries.

Tea plantation nestled tent and laid on the lawn picnic invite intimate family time over the light-hearted games.

The palette is understated and rich of plum, dusty purple and pink rose, pale yellow and dove grey.




Dinner in Zettar Suites.





Cameron Highlands is a famous highland retreat in Malaysia located almost 2,000 metres at its highest point. The region encompasses a string of townships surrounded by lush tea plantations and forested mountainscape.

Cameron Highlands was named after William Cameron, a British Government surveyor who discovered it in 1885 on a mapping expedition but failed to mark his discovery. It was not until 1925 that Sir George Maxwell recorded Cameron's discovery and developed it as a hill station attracting British colonials and expatriates, including British planters who realised the potential of its fertile mountain slopes for growing tea.

The vast expanse of prescient jungles, sprawling tea plantations and colonial charm of Zetter Suites provide a truly exquisite space for a secluded wedding weekend.

The history trace and the endless recreational opportunities for creating a magical experience just demands a full weekend of celebrations. As your guests arrive, they will be welcomed with locally sourced exclusive hampers from BOH, a much loved local deli, including Earl Grey with Tangerine Tea, home made strawberry jam from local farmhouse and finest scones with a dollop of fresh cream.

On the first morning of celebration, enjoy first light at terrace mounted over the most beautiful view of hilly greenery as the anticipation of the following afternoon builds among your guests, followed by intimate and enigmatic ceremony in gloomy Mossy Forest. The tough choice is yours where to hold your marriage ceremony, a personal humanist ceremony in the mid of lush spread under a huge canopy of trees or a traditional service in the historical Chapel Of Lady Of Mount Carmel.

A drinks reception with Classic Afternoon Tea infuse to follow on the Tea Plantation lawns, looking across highlands scenery as your guests enjoy Ninepins game and kids chase imaginary rabbit to his hole. And after outdoor joy all party is heading to the Dinner Hall in Zetter Suites, where delicious and intimate sharing style dinner serving on elegant plates of organic farm-raised food delights with local flavour. Ending the evening’s celebrations by dancing the night away to instrumental mix.

The morning after will be spent reminiscing and recovering over a relaxed picnic and play of golf in the Royal course, rounding off a weekend of unforgettable celebration.


Our charming and subtle bride will epitomise simplicity and subdued boheme in her soft laces outfit for the forest ceremony and embodied into the symbol of elegant classic with her evening gown for the intimate reception. Bride’s evening appearance in strapless straight neckline top coming to the waist and then flares out to a full, floor-length skirt with crepe creating the volume.

She will accessorise with Ivory Pumps shoes by Charlotte Mills and an natural pink pearls necklace and stud earrings. Fresh bloom of white flower will adorn bride’s hairstyle.

As bride anticipating noon wedding ceremony the beauty look will be equally understated yet ethereal with barely-there makeup perfecting flawless, dewy skin and a rosebud lip. Hair will be effortless, relaxed and ‘undone’ whilst crowned with fresh flowers wreath. The evening look will be enhanced with slightly smoky eyes and intense purple mate lips and hairstyle will obey the classic tradition of slick-backed’do completed with subtle fresh white flower bloom.


The tone will be clearly set for this romantic and flawless day with an exquisite stationery suite. Texture is the main focus with tactile tan paper stocks and tracing paper, all delicately wrapped in silk ribbon. The envelopes will be Manilla brown post type with italic lettering and colonial stamp theme.


A focus on light texture, soft colourings and ethereal details continue in the decor to create a relaxing and romantic setting for the wedding ceremony.

The noon lawn picnic will be set up with light bobbinet tent and rattan woven basket. The reception tables will be adorned with rich purple velvet paired with pink and yellow roses overlaying garland composition, the straight lines completing elegant double layer paper stationery suite. Classic crystal ornate crockery adds interest and further texture to the tablescape whilst vintage silver cutlery is displayed in a splendid and elegant way.

Tall, tapered dinner candles in shades of cream are displayed in crystal votive holders and moderately used across the table. Bright and structured floral displays decorate the space and stay true to the colour palette with soft purple roses, spare eucalyptus limbs and delicate foliage. The front scene will be given to the giant pineapple statement as a symbol of colonial time glory.

The elegant invitation suite styling will be carried through to the tablescape and textured paper, classic stock will decorate each place setting with individual name cards and menus in italic calligraphy.

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