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How to choose wedding cake?

wedding cake

Every bride dreams about perfect-looking and refined-tasting wedding cake! Do you know how to choose the right confection for your BIG day? We’ve got you some tips! 1. Select the style – deal with the cake only after you decided about the venue, the dress, the décor, the colour palette, the flowers. The cake should be part of the style and theme. 2. Start early – 3-6 months before the wedding is the right time; the best bakers are often booked far in advance. 3. Find your baker – word of mouth is the tried-and-true way, but you also can attend the wedding fairs or surf for media posts, online testimonials and reviews. 4. Narrow your search by alighting your style. Your baker specialization should match your vision and style. 5. Get inspired – share your mood board, images, photos of cakes from magazines that have caught your eye. 6. Meet the baker – provide him with nitty-gritty details of the wed day and inspire your design. 7. Size it up – generally, three tires will serve 50 to 100 guests. How big is your party? 8. Consider the costs – normally costs are determined by the number of serving and the complicity of the design. 9. Be fearless with flavours and choose flavours your like, but not flavours you think everyone like.

10. Taste the cake – consider two preferable flavours along with chocolate, red velvet and vanilla bean, then get to choose three filling flavours to try. Now you can mix and match the various elements. 11. Put it in writing – check all the details (date, place, time, style, flavours) in the contract with a baker.

Frankly speaking there is many subtleties at such important wedding element like a cake!

We are Midsummer Events are always here to liaise you with the right baker and give a handy advice.

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