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Wedding in Malaysia, 10 reasons.

Wedding beach Langkawi Malaysia

In the recent trend of the new generation where we are actively find new places to explore and easier access to travel around, there’s a higher demand of celebration special days outside of the comfort of home It’s like a double joy when you can have a memorable event while enjoying your vacation with the presence of your loved ones.

Malaysia has a huge touristic appeal due to its scenic locations, rich cultural and heritage and exotic cuisine. And it's one of the ultimate destination spots when it comes to weddings, it provides a natural, exotic and a heavenly abode for the would-be-couple to tie the knot.

Of late, destination weddings in Malaysia have captured the imagination of couples from all over the world.

Midsummer Weddings have prepared for you 10 reasons to consider Malaysia as your wedding or event destination.

  1. Saying your wedding vows and I do with the background of nature is magical and Malaysia has variety landscapes to choose from. We have one of the best islands in the world and as well the oldest rainforest in the world. Plan your romantic wedding destinations, from scenic hillside view to idyllic white sandy beach to even tea plantations or even secret garden hidden in the middle of a jungle.

  2. The weather is great all year, it’s an amazing feeling just being in the tropical surrounding for your Special day! Immerse yourself in nature and soak in the sun with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a location where you can relax all year round, with no extreme temperatures and weather conditions, Malaysia is the best place to be. Any season is a perfect season for a wedding either in April at one of the pristine beaches of Terengganu or in February when the mossy hill forests are embraced with clouds and fogs.

  3. Malaysia rich of cultural diversity - we are blessed to be living in peace as the multicultural country. We truly embrace each of our diversity and history. We at Midsummer Events would love to assist in planning your wedding or events with the background of Malaysian UNESCO certified historic location like Melaka, Penang or Ipoh. Perhaps you’d be interested to even wear the Malaysian wedding culture into your like, wearing the intricate Indian Sari, Malay Songket or the dainty Chinese cheongsam. Which is all are unique and can be customised specially for you on your special day.

  4. Malaysia is a truly gastronomic paradise! Every wedding guest secretly hopes for amazing food. Where else like in Malaysia you may cater for picky eaters or those with the dietary requirements. Yes, the food fusion is right here! As there’s a melting pot of rich flavours, exotic fruits and amazing local produce to tantalise your palate. But being the multicultural country with European colonisation past Malaysia still reveres the most delicious western cuisine recipes and adopt new diet trends like vegan, sugar-free food or plant-based dining. There are many locations that have magnificent ambience with amazing food that you and your guests would enjoy.

  5. Destination wedding it’s a unique experience for the couple when they emerge into an unknown environment, wedding ceremony rehearsal or calming pre-wedding jitters by relaxing and getting pampered with SPA treatments. But what are the guests going to do? Since they are following overseas let them relax and have they fun holidays. There are so many outdoor activities that they can do in Malaysia, from hiking, scuba diving, jungle trekking, snorkelling, yachting, one or two days tours and the list goes on. You can have an amazing vacation experience here on top of having your beautiful wedding here. Have these activities planned for you and your family to have maximum fun while you’re here.

  6. Malaysian are famous with our tagline of hospitality – world-class service standards, smiling, cheerful and friendly staff will attend to your needs. We are here to help you to plan your wedding from A to Z. We are linked with the best of the best photographers, designers, venues, caterings and every professional that is related to creating your dream wedding to come true! Because you want to feel the care and tenderness on your special day!

  7. Oh Yeah! Malaysia is the Shopping heaven! For those who love exotic prints and Asian arts, we are still producing our traditional fabrics called batik and songket. Moreover, there are many shopping locations to challenge your credit cards with your bridesmaids if you love shopping! Huge shopping galleries are offering most of the world known brands at the most reasonable price especially if you are lucky to catch SALES season – which is running at least 3 times per year. And finally, purchasing the exclusive items from the signature boutiques of Malaysian fashion designers: a pair of Jimmy Choo’s worn by Michelle Obama at her husband’s historic presidential inauguration or a Bernard Chandran dress worn by Lady Gaga at an awards show.

  8. Convenient journey planning. Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia is famous for it’s numerous awarded airport (KLIA) – leading Asia’s aviation hub. KLIA daily hosts direct flights by Malaysia Airlines from London, KLM from Amsterdam and plenty of flight from all across Australia by Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Jet Star etc and of course from most of the Asian countries. So if you have got friends or relatives staying or working in Asia – that will be no problem to arrange one-in-a-lifetime Reunion on your BIG day occasion. In case of an event held in the city centre, it’s just an hour drive. The nearest island paradise is within 45 min flight. The visa is not required to visit Malaysia up to 90 days for most of the world citizens. So you can avoid so much hassle of travel arrangements.

  9. Start your honeymoon early! Just arriving in Malaysia will put you in relaxed mood as the pre-wedding festive begin. And once the wedding reception is off you are right where you need to be to start your honeymoon. Change wedding shoes to flip-flops and elegant gown to the bright bikini and get a tan on the white sand beach of a secluded island or spend the treasure moments in private cabana with your second half. Isn’t it a smooth and stress-free choice for your special event?

  10. Wedding in Malaysia is cost-effective. Pricewise for a lot of service and goods are still considered affordable and there are so many options to choose from. From making your own bespoke wedding attire, your wedding cake, to even planning vacations for your loved ones. You can ask your host hotel about discount room rates for your guests, get group fare from airlines or benefit from the flexible timing that can cut the vendors. In Malaysia, we still enjoy many high-quality products at its best price compared to the west, With Midsummer Events, you can enjoy the top-notch service with the best price you’ll ever get.

We certainly hope that we convince you enough to come and visit us here or even better plan your big event with us!


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