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What is a Destination Wedding?

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Destination wedding Malaysia

What is a Destination Wedding? Good question!

For some, it may be something as simple as a driving over a mountain and for others it may be a 12-hour flight.

A destination wedding would never go out of vogue. Turning your celebration into a weekend or week being surrounded by the people you love — with a wedding in the middle — sounds totally irresistible!

It might seem like the luxe destination weddings around the world are only for the rich and famous, in fact, many people are choosing destination weddings because they can be more fun and less expensive, not because they are fancy and extravagant.

If you are an unconventional a destination wedding allows you to eat, drink, and wear whatever you want. For brides who want to pick and choose her options for a completely customizable day, a destination wedding can be tailor-made to fit her personality (and budget).

There are so many gorgeous destination wedding spots in Malaysia, which will turn your destination wedding into an adventure you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives.

Where people normally go for a Destination wedding?

The culture of destination weddings has evolved in recent years. And now weddings that involved travels are more about to get people outside the comfort zone and experience something different and unique together.

So where couples normally going?

  • Place your story start. That might be placed where you met the first time and fall in love or spent the most romantic holidays together. The place that retains memories of your love story.

  • Place you both have dreamt to visit. Yes, it’s a great chance to fulfil two dreams at once - your wedding celebration and dream travel destination.

  • Ideal picture. Seaside, ocean coast, pristine beach and isolated islands – all kind of sea, sand and a marine combination is top wedaways choice over the years.

  • More exotic than any. The most unique landscapes in the world, untapped trails and hidden nature reserves become more and more popular for wedding elopement.

What to expect in Destination Wedding in Malaysia?

Wedding in Malaysia Midsummer Events

Being in a tropical country, Malaysia has been truly blessed with beautiful sunny weather all year long and we don’t have to worry much about the 4 seasons.

Thus, many people opt to move their wedding outdoors, instead of the traditional indoor ballroom or church ceremony.

The choices are limitless as we have many designs of canopies and tents to choose from.

From weddings on the many white sandy beaches of the beautiful islands of Malaysia to saying I Do On top of the Menara KL, overlooking the city line of Kuala Lumpur to even walking on the aisle, with the background of the mysterious tropical jungles- you name it, we have it!

However, you should keep in mind:

  • Being in a foreign country, you need to consider their weather and their seasonal conditions- as in Malaysia, some locations might not be open as they’re experiencing seasonal monsoon.

  • Sensitive to the local traditions and customs, make effort to learn about the history of the country.

  • Consider the dates according to the country public holidays and any significant events of the country you’re planning to- for example, in Malaysia, we have multicultural beliefs; thus we have multiple long holidays such as Chinese New Year, Ramadan & Aidilfitri, as well as Deepavali, to name a few. Some venues might require advance bookings.

  • Expect the wedding would have the wonderful flavour of cuisine as you’re spoilt for tasty Asian food.

  • Last but not least, expect to have an extraordinary, joyful and memorable experience for your special day as it is truly an event to remember when you host your wedding abroad!

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