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Floral Styling

with Midsummer Workshops

We are so excited to be launching our online & offline sessions. These classes are for you! For the one who's been looking where to start his journey to the world of floral styling.

We have seen so many aspired young people who are dreaming to become a florist as a part-time or side-income or even determined to pursue a floral stylist career. Though most of them are not sure how to kick start, where to find expertise guidance and knowledge. You hardly can find established floral tuition in your town and even Kuala Lumpur city.


We decided to side with those young talents and launch a private session that is fully interactive and practical and allows you to learn and master a desired floral styling subject.

Our classes are conducted by a practising floral stylist, covers essential florist fundamentals and based on contemporary styling techniques and methods. They are designed to give maximum attention to every student, focus and comfort for acquiring the subject. 

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I am Varvara Shchukina - a wedding planner and stylist in Midsummer Events.

Striving for an alternative wedding styling and décor experience in Malaysia I have studied and practice new trending floral techniques and approaches.

My styling philosophy – always look for a unique idea and base on core-concepts of design for execution.


I have got the first level of wedding stylist certificate by Moscow Flower School and have also been certified by Floral Style, Trille Floral and Moscow Flower School  Workshop training in Kuala Lumpur for the last year.


I have also been producing styling and décor for my wedding clients since then.

I’m happy to share with you my experience and knowledge to give you inspiration and boost to grow in your wedding & event stylist profession or mentor you how to find a starting point. 

Come and join this collaborative workshop session by Midsummer Workshop!


The class is available on weekends on prior booking

Online classes are conducted in real-time using Zoom.

Offline classes are run in the studio located next to KLCC on Jalan Ampang.


Individual classes schedule:

  • Dates on request


Group classes schedule:
On Sundays
Morning session 10.00 to13.00 
Afternoon session 14.00 to 17.00


Class duration is a minimum of 2,5 hours.

You will get your certificate by Midsummer Workshop upon completion of each class.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate and above


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Here you can see our students during the flower arrangement classes.